Private vs. Public

Let’s look at accepted definitions for Private and Public, however; these waters quickly become blurry when it pertains to the application being used in our life, but i’ll try to simplify this so we can determine whether we are facing a Private or Public situation more clearly.

•Private (property)
Affecting or belonging to private individuals, as distinct from the public generally, not official.
~ Blacks 2nd edition

•Public (property)
1: something owned by the city, town, or state
~ Merriam-Webster 1828

•Private Person
1: an individual who is not a public figure or in the military services.
2: in the civil law of Louisiana : a juridical person governed by private law.
~ Merriam-Webster 1828

•Public Person
in the civil law of Louisiana : a juridical person (as the state) acting in a sovereign capacity.
~ Merriam-Webster 1828

•Private Law
A branch of law concerned with private persons, property, and relationships.
~ Merriam-Webster 1828

• Public Law
1: a legislative enactment affecting the public at large.
2: a branch of law concerned with regulating the relations of individuals with the government and the organization and conduct of the government itself.
~ Merriam-Webster 1828

First thing to mention is that everything seems all to often to be upside down and backwards, and the Private vs. Public issue is no different when examined critically. The first definition listed identified property. It referred to Private Property belonging to Private Individuals as opposed to the public generally, so let’s immediately identify what seems benign, “Public Generally”. It became more than obvious to me that two types of Public exist, the General Public and then the Public. Since the definition regarded Property let’s start there with some questions that need consideration. If we go to a Public Park and observe the signage it will read OPEN 6AM TO 9PM. So wait, how public is the park? Are you not the Public from 9pm thru 6am? This would seem more like a Private Park if someone else dictates it’s hours of operation. Maybe our view of Public isn’t exactly what we perceive, Public doesn’t always mean the same thing, as in Public Restrooms. In the same way the perception of Private isn’t correct. Many think they live on Private Property or hold items such as vehicle’s as Private Property, however; please allow me to pose a question, can this property be seized for an unpaid annual tax? The answer is obviously yes, so is this truly Private Property? Do you really own it if someone else can take it from you?
Exploring Private and Public individuals we find similar issues. In the Merriam-Webster 1828 dictionary we see both of these person’s are Juridic (Dictated by court/state). So when we hear “Public Official” does this mean they are in service of the citizens? Unfortunately not, the Juridic Person is a court/state creation, as opposed to a Natural (Belly Button) Person, therefore; the Public Official doesn’t hold a duty to the citizen. This may be a bitter pill to swallow but i remember a statement by an Administrative Officer (Judge) who stated that as a registered voter the Power of Attorney (POA) has been surrendered to the state and it’s officers who are acting as “We The People”. So the phrase “We The People” isn’t the citizen, which is synonymous with “Subject”. To find who that really was we only need to see who wrote and signed that document.
Maybe we should be reconsidering our position, or capacity, in the Private or Public. The capacity to truly be Private lays in a seldom taught topic, Contracts. While by Natural and man’s Law no state can impair the obligation of a contract people aren’t taught how to operate through Private contract because this isn’t supposed to be Public knowledge, otherwise the Public wouldn’t be as easily managed. This is why we should take responsibility and Administrate our Estate!
While this is probably the most important issue in our life the solutions stay Private and hopefully we can meet at the UnGuru platform. Until then keys for this are provided in the Closed Group:

Tactical [Sovereignty] Administrating the Estate.

The Key to Freedom is in our Contracts. Some need to be corrected, while others just need to be enforced correctly. Most importantly, is establishing your own Contract!
Hope to see you soon, on the Private Side!

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