Private Membership Associations, DIY

Private Membership Associations:
(knock 3 times)

We remember stories of the Speakeasies during prohibition, but a PMA or Private Association can go much further than that.
When i chose to start researching the nexus between ourselves and the “State of” i would go to a Great Oracle like Google and ask questions, like “What is the Attorneys Best Kept Secret”? When asking this particular question i only received one answer, Private Membership Associations! This reminded me of reading a statement by Carol Quigley who stated “In the future everything would be controlled by Circles within Circles”. So i started researching because i knew of the common HOA or Home Owners Association and the tyrannical rules when living there, but are there others? The answer should have been obvious, the County Board of Commissioners, the State House of Representatives and even the Senate are Private Associations. We should know of the BAR association, the attorneys who’ve organize all this!
These Private Associations have been deemed absolutely legal according to SCOTUS the Supreme Court of the United States persuant to the United States Constitution, which are shown in the links below. By the way, SCOTUS is also a Private Association. Are you comprehending this yet?

When voters at Florida decided on a Constitutional Amendment in 2003 that would ban smoking in workplaces it also affected bars and restaurants, which was the original intent in my opinion. At 5pm i remember seeing patrons lined up for a seat in restaurants, often upwards of 50 deep because smokers had a separate room which was only 15% occupied. After the new law passed people started pointing at private clubs such as the VFW who quickly waved their finger because they are a Private Association who would let the members decide. Are you a member of anything, or just a member of the General Public?
Let’s remember a Notice from Joshua 24:15 “But as for me and my family, we will serve the Lord.” your family is an establishment, and could even be an association. Growing up my family only “Associated” with certain people.

The obvious question is how do you establish an association? Does it require a License, Registration or a Permit providing permission? This is simple to answer, Absolutely Not! Here are the basics to creating an association, it’s the basis of Standing in Honor.

  1. Create a name.
  2. Establish it’s intent.
  3. Chose it’s by-laws.
  4. Select officers.
  5. Appoint regular meetings.
  6. Keep records.

The specifics for these are listed in the By-laws.
After formatting the Private Association list it as a “Notice of intent” in the business section of a recognized publication for the period required, usually two consecutive days, just like a DBA (Doing Business As). Afterwards the publication can provide an Affidavit of Publication, this will be evidence of your intent and the formation of the Private Association.

Here is a short video if you would like to here from me on this topic:

Here are links that provide additional details about Private Associations, keep in mind this doesn’t only apply to healthcare as we have seen. i remember a friend who was concerned about his home poker game, after setting it up correctly no judiciary would sign a warrant to raid him!
Please read the links below and learn how to Live in the Private regarding your business, it’s not supposed to be anyone else’s business!

Do these have to follow general Laws & Regulations?




Hopefully this has provided some insight on how the world around us operates and how we can administrate our estate more effectively.

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