Sons of Cain

From the beginning in the Garden of Eden man has always tried to hide from his actions hoping to avoid a basic Natural Law, the law of cause & affect. Likewise Cain followed in the footprints of Adam and Eve.
It’s interesting that Cain tried to hide because of the action to his brother, the spilling of Abel’s blood, and settled in the Land of Nod, which in Hebrew means “Wandering”. Have you ever heard of “Nodding off”?

He (Cain) will satisfy his desire for eternity by producing children and he will satisfy his desire for security by creating a place belonging to him, a place where he is in charge – a city . For Cain the city is the place where he can be himself; it is a material sign of his security. Cain sought security not from God – whom he was trying to escape – but from the world, hostile since Abel’s murder.
partial source: Jonah House

Cain, like Nimrod, is known as a city builder, also interesting is that Cain is also a source word for King. We also find derivatives of Cain in the names Kahn, Kane, Cohen, McCain, Kean, Keenan, and McKean. In some cases it may also be a variant of Coyne. English: variant spelling of Cane, and many others. Has anyone ever wondered where the land of Canaan or the Canaanites came from? How about a compilation of laws referred to as Canons, specifically those of the Holy See and the BAR Association. So how about nation’s like Canada?

The name “Canada” likely comes from the Huron-Iroquois word “kanata,” meaning “village” or “settlement.”
partial source:

It’s interesting that the name Canada comes from village or settlement, more city building of Cain? Have you ever noticed a different aura within a city as compared to a small town, just a thought.

Without just picking on the Nation of Canada a look at other parts of North America is also curious. What about the state of Kansas? Again the root Cain is found and the capitals symbolism points in this direction. The name of the state came from the tribe kką:ze and many options were discussed, all having the root Kan or Kana being used. A bronze statue of a Kanza warrior was added to the state capitol dome in 2002. The statue is named “Ad Astra” after the state motto “Ad Astra per Aspera” meaning “To the stars through difficulty”. The warrior’s bow points to the fixed and unmoving north star Polaris as a symbol of finding one’s way. So again its a reminder of the Land of Nod, wandering. Of course people would also want to know about the state of Arkansas, but the history of its name closely mirrors that of Kansas. On a side note Arkansas is one of the very few states that have a statute regarding it’s pronunciation found at Arkansas § 1-4-105.

It’s very likely that if we traverse the continents many more examples of Cain’s city building can be found and i would tend to agree that tribe(s) of Israel came to the Americas, even the Bible states they would be scattered among the nation’s. The remnants of Cain can be found in many places including language as seen with European Kings and Eurasian Dynasties. Rulership by a king was often ceded to a brother, nephew or other male relation. This would also be where we see the word Kin being used, as in a relative, so when our eye sees Kingship our mind should recognize Kinship. Another option is sometimes this rulership would be usurped through military might or even assassination, imagine that! Nothing new under the sun. Often kings would meet their demise at the guillotine like others found to be treasonous, this was done for a spiritual reason, so the body and soul couldn’t be reunited in the afterlife. Obviously being a king or head of state in that Old World Order wasn’t a position of longevity that included a retirement package. A New World Order would be much safer where the order of rulership could be decided by polling the inhabitants and they would feel a sense of responsibility for their own future. It’s therefore no great surprise that the popular vote was employed among all the “civilized” nation’s within several decades around 1800 ending the medieval Old World Order.
It is, and has always been, about the Bloodline!

This logically lands me at one of the biggest questions people have regarding Cain, what was this mark placed on him for protection? There’s only one answer i’ve found to hold any logical position, it would be the red cross, or even a white cross. Exoterically this also reminds me of the Hindu bindi, a red dot on the forehead, or the ash on the forehead of Catholics on Ash Wednesday. For some reason people enjoy being marked. Esoterically it’s claimed to be a red cross within a circle, almost like the symbol of the Egyptian god and also seen under microscope as a zygote. Where do we see those symbols or marks used today? We find countries that don’t want war, namely Switzerland with it’s red and white cross flag and the Swiss with a yellow cross. Who is the Private Security for the Vatican? Isn’t it interesting that when people think of the Red Cross organization that their thoughts go to it’s Bloodmobile or the position of neutrality for the Red Cross in war times?

How about a look into medicine, -caine is a suffix used in numerous pain-killer combinations. Take, for instance, tetracaine (Pontocaine), chloroprocaine (Nesacaine) hydrochloride, procaine hydrochloride (Novocain), dibucaine (Nupercaine) hydrochloride, cyclomethycaine sulfate (Surfacaine), lidocaine (Xylocaine), cocaine, piperocaine (Metycaine) hydrochloride.
When i looked in a medical dictionary caine was listed as “A suffix used for upwards of 200 medications”. Really, you call that a definition? There’s also the prevalent disease of cancer, to be more correct would this really be Cain’s Sore?

When considering the event between Cain and Abel my mind always goes to the word cannibal/cain•able and the idea of boys becoming “Blood brothers”, which is even practiced today in esoteric circles. This is also seen in the ritual many people practice of “Blood over intent”, which is soley a personal choice. Not long ago i saw a Bloodmobile with a big sign that read “There’s Power in the Blood”, which is also a mantra of the Pauline Doctrine. Myself, being washed in anyone’s blood doesn’t feel very Divine, more like a ritualistic practice. This would probably be seen as heresy calling for an imperial diet of earthly lords to which, like Luther, i could only answer “Ja, ich bin Hussite”.

In closing we need to remember the beginning, the ultimate plan has always been the destruction of the family unit! Consider the influence of La Costa Nostra, the family or our thing. When i was young and would leave home for a period of time my Dad always used to put his hands on my shoulders, look me in the eye, and tell me “Remember who you belong to”! How many of us know who we belong to? Are we a son of Yahavah, or one of the Sons of Cain?

~ Bryan-G Parker
Amicus de Rex Lex

Here is a very interesting film, enjoy.

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