Many erroneously think the White House which is appropriately situated between Virginia and Maryland is constructed of the marble of the god’s from Croatia, which at that era would have been a daugnting feat of transportation and shipping. The White House and many other temples of the District of Columbia were actually constructed of nearby sandstone and limestone. As written by Charles Bulfinch ca. 1829, the sandstone was the principal material used in such significant buildings as the White House and the early stages of the U.S. Capitol. The easy availability of the stone and its ability to be carved were offset in time by its susceptibility to weather-induced deterioration.
The building of this Presidential Palace was commissioned to James Gonna from Ireland by George Washington who never resided in it. The White House and the Capitol are often referred to as “The People’s House” which many learned wasn’t the case on January 6th. 2021. Myself a claim to a temple of Horus would never be on my agenda. Much of the construction being sandstone covering a frame hardly seems like a monument to stand the test of time, as we will soon learn. One hundred and fifty years after the cornerstone was laid the White House was condemned for human living and underwent major renovation in 1948. On a side note Sandstone is not very tolerable with a Mohs hardness scale of 6.5 and a melting temperature of 1,500°C, keeping in mind that an average home fire easily reaches the same temperature.
Let’s travel back in time though to foundation of The White House, originally referred to as The Presidential Palace, had it’s cornerstone laid on October 13th. of 1792 while the Moon was in Virgo and equally as interesting the Capitol was founded on September 18th. of 1795 while Mercury was in Virgo. The significance of these signs should not go unobserved.
To avoid the labyrinth of rabbit holes in astrology one can easily be found lost in let’s explore another curious feature of construction for the Presidential Palace. Anyone who has built a structure knows that aside from the foundation a modern structure requires an allowance for plumbing, which became a head scratcher while simultaneously providing a good chuckle in the darker corners of my mind. Allow me to explain, being constructed on low water lands, a kind way of saying swamp, the site of the White House needed to be raised as can be seen if viewing the grounds around the National Monument, the sewage and plumbing was also at different levels for both flow and pumping purposes. Here’s where it gets interesting, knowing this is all built on a “Lowland” if a serious flood were to occur the waters of the buildings constructed below the White House would force the plumbing to rise and eventually the sewage would backup to it’s highest point, The Presidential Palace! Do you have that sinister grin yet? The headwaters of the Potomac which provided the sandstone for the White House could one day reclaim it’s natural property.

“Anyone who listens to my teaching and follows it is wise, like a person who builds a house on solid rock… But anyone who hears my teaching and doesn’t obey it is foolish, like a person who builds a house on sand.”
Matthew 7: 24 & 26 NLT


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