Who & Where are You?

This world has the youth questioning if they’re a Boy or Girl and the nature of their true identity. How much were we taught in the Public arena, or even at church in Sun•Day School? Even the state and it’s agency’s have changed this to Male or Female which is Scientific Terminology and dehumanizes our biological identity. Those terms refer to animals and not Mankind, so are you a male/female cat, dog, or duck? No wonder people are confused. People don’t know who they are, where they’re from, or where they truly are! You think you live in the United States? Well, let’s take a look. The legal map isn’t the same as a geographic map. According to UCC 9-307 (Uniform Commercial Code) LINK:https://www.law.cornell.edu/ucc/9/9-307 the United States is located in the District of Columbia, do you live there, or were you born there? i’m very sure i wasn’t, although a Resident is someone from the District of Columbia who is engaged in business elsewhere. Think of a Doctor doing their “Residency”, it’s the same equivalent.
In reference to the Social Security Contract and the Birth Certificate which triggers the creation of the SSN and not the SS-5 which only applies for the number that was assigned upon registration, let’s look at some basics of it’s structure.
The SS beneficiary is actually the IMF (International Monetary Fund), we receive what are commonly thought of as benefits, but these are legally referred to as Obligations of the SSA, not benefits. This probably prevents us from realizing the contractual nature of the Social Security agreement. As a beneficiary we would receive quarterly or yearly dividend cheques. Downline the true beneficiary is the Crown and the Vatican due to the Right to Rule/Crown is leased from the Vatican in installments under the 1213 contract between King John and the Pope.
LINK: https://sourcebooks.fordham.edu/source/john1a.asp

Regarding the birth certificate, the title to the registered organization.
Here’s a thought when it comes to immigration and immigrants:
The Naturalized immigrants actually have a higher claim because the natural born American has no oath or affirmation to the empire of US inc. and the immigrant does. According to Vitalchek a birth certificate does not prove anything for the flesh and blood man, it’s only evidence for a creation of statute. Keep in mind that forced papers on man would be slavery, involuntary servitude which of course is illegal, however Voluntary Servitude is completely legal, what a nice little trick that’s been played.
In many movements today it’s claimed that you’re a Corporation, so let’s look at this realistically, what is a Corporation and what are it’s required elements to exist, not just legally but also in reality.

  1. A CEO or President, this office also has a Vice President.
  2. A Secretary. For the U.S. and States it’s a Secretary of State.
  3. Attorney General or legal officer’s that control legal matters both domestically and internationally.
  4. Posted Bylaws.
  5. Regular Meetings with provided minutes.
  6. Has there been a Public Offering or is this a Private Company?
    Obviously a Corporation has officer’s, Meetings, and Bylaws. Do you hold any of these? Probably not.
    What does Vitalchek say regarding the Birth Certificate?
    “Unfortunately a birth certificate is only considered a valid form of proof of citizenship and not identity, as this document is issued without a photo”.
    Per: vitalchek.com
    This statement is providing what information? This is showing the distinction between mankind and the created legal entity known as citizen aka the Person, this is also distinct from the Natural Person which is non juridic having been made manifest by the Creator and not a legal construct of man.
    From the writers of Revised Article 9 of the UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) which discussed the “Debtor”. Start after the 43:20 mark.
    LINK: https://youtu.be/EQM6rjkVjtU
    In the video provided as an educational tool for court officers it’s very well explained, the certificate is the registration of an organization.

When this Nation was founded under the original Constitution (AOC) in 1781 it was mandated that it’s name was to be styled as ‘The United States of America’ with the authority vested in the States. How swiftly things switched on everyone just eight years later in 1789 with the creation of a new government and a new ruling entity, the United States. For those who want any resemblance of “Our original Republic” to come back you may need to jump in your cool time machine and return to 1781, if it even existed then.
As we’ve seen there’s a big difference between the United States and The United States of America the latter being where many of us were born and gain our Nationality, so isn’t it interesting that anything we sign only offers a claim of U.S. Citizen? Maybe we should start checking off the box that lists “OTHER”, if that’s even available. The best way to picture this as that our Nationality derives from the State or Nation of our birth and supports our Rights, while Citizenship is a hat we wear which at best provides mere Privileges, at best. From the activities i see around me and globally being viewed as part of the collective whether under the Collective Entity Doctrine or E. Pluribus Unum would be something to avoid in distain at a minimum! This only makes me ponder, who or what will this Nation be sold out to next, and what will the American’s do this time?

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  1. 100% accurate according to my research as well. Good write up. Only one small correction is the typo for the year King John sold out his people in perpetuity to the pope – 1213.

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