Do you know the Chronology of Scripture?

The Timeline of the Bible:

Isn’t it interesting that we find over 33 thousand various denomination’s of “Christianity” worldwide? Isn’t it more interesting that this number is supplied by the Holy See (Vatican), wouldn’t they want the world to believe they are the one and only true denomination/sect of the faith? In this short article i will list the advent of the writings for Scripture in hopefully a simple format, along with events that took place along the way which may have altered the flavor of future translations, or transliterations if you will. My intent in this article is not to discredit scripture, but to strengthen our comprehension of it’s origins and message.

Starting out on this timeline we will see the Torah, or Pentateuch, the first five books provided by Mosha (Moses) who lived circa 1,300 BC however other scholars have his birthdate later in 1,580 BC. This would mean his account of the earliest history such as the Garden of Eden were hundreds of years prior to his lifetime. Either way let’s begin a journey exploring this Biblical timeline as recorded.

5 BC (circa) The Torah.
3 BC – 132 BC The Septuagint, which began in Alexandria, but completed elsewhere as tribes were displaced.
2 AD The Targum. This translation is interesting because of the detailed descriptions not provided elsewhere.

50 – 70 AD This is the time attributed to the writing of the Gospels (Good news of military victory) found in the New Testament. This i find very curious because it would date the accounts of Yeshua being penned as late as 40 years post resurrection, or were they? Remember, the fall of Jerusalem was shortly after 70 AD. Today’s worship of the Pauline Doctrine can be thankful that he miraculously dodged that bullet, almost like Paul had the “Inside Scoop” on that event, yet never warned the masses. So, moving along.

At this time it’s necessary to cover the Council of Nicaea because many are mislead regarding it’s influence.

325 AD Council of Nicaea:
This council which was presided over by Constantine was organized to find unity between Christians and the Arians, does that second group sound familiar? The council completed a handful of tasks, and no it wasn’t choosing the Books of the Bible. Some of these issues were: The time for celebrating Easter, Mandating 20 Canon Laws, denouncing minor religions and Gnosticism, and most importantly the Nicaean Creed. This Creed was later reaffirmed in 381 AD by the Council of Constantinople.
Constantine never made Christianity a State Religion, he merely legalized it and forbid further persecution.
So let’s move along with translations. At this time we find titles such as “Codex”, when i see this i think Holy See whom i feel Constantine was bequeathed to.

In 382 a Jerome who had been commissioned by Pope Damasus I to revise the Vetus Latina wrote what is known as the Latin Vulgate, derived from the Greek Septuagent and his learning of Hebrew. Somehow this learning of Hebrew would be seen as heretic and unnecessary by the Church soon after. Later William Tyndale would continue this practice.

300 AD Codex Vaticanus
330 – 360 AD Codex Sinaiticus
The Sinai Bible
400 – 440 AD Codex Alexandrin
700 AD The Lindsfarne Gospels
800 AD Codex Amiatinuc.
The Latin Vulgate Edition.
930 AD The Aleppo Codex
1008 AD The Leningradensis.
Oldest Leningrad Germany Pentateuch.
1382 AD The Wycliffe Bible
Latin to English translation.
1408 AD Oxford Law
1454 Gutenburg Bible.
(This needs further research!)

1516 AD The Textus Receptus written or actually revised by Erasmus from a 1516 text due to errors. This is part of the 1611 KJV origin.
1535 The Coverdale Bible
1539 The Great Bible
1526 The Tyndale Bible – in English
(Personal favorite, next to Targum)
1560 The Geneva Bible
1568 The Bishop’s Bible

1604 The Hampton Court Conference.
This was a New World conference regarding what people would know as today’s “Version” of scripture, and very similar to the Council of Nicaea. This conference was created by King James who felt like a King couldn’t exist without a Bishop, see the Law of Nations which is referenced in the United States Constitution. This conference consisted of 6 committees with 47 translators from Oxford, Cambridge, and Westminster.
Side note: You better make sure the text honors the earthly King! So what transpired next? Let’s see…

1611 The King James Authorized Version. (Remember “Version”)

The King James “Version” is what most people rely upon today, especially the “King James Only” crowd who are afraid to even look up the original definition of a word, hmm… Isn’t King James depicted on the wall of the Masonic Temple in Scotland? Think about that!

1881 Wescott & Hort Greek Translation.

This has become a very common source for the “Modern” translations of New Testament scripture. Do you know their opinion? Maybe i’ll just let you read what Hort and Wescott said between themselves.

1905 Scofield Bible. This is being noted because it has been a top seller by Oxford and was written by Cyrus Ingerson Scofield. In 1873 he was forced to resign from Congress for fraudulent activity then in 1883 he was found to be both a Civil War military deserter, and that he had abandoned his family. He then joined the family of other scoundrels in the practice of Religion where he spread the beliefs of Millerist’s, Premillennialism, and Dispensationalism who’ve tried to predict the return of our Christ, which simply means The Anointed. Myself, i would think twice while reading the Scofield “Translation”.

Short Vlog on the 1526 Tyndale Bible and it’s influence:

When examining the timeline of scripture from thousands of years prior to Yeshua upto present day our thoughts go to our youth when we played the telephone game and how a simple message would alter as it was relayed downline, but there are more serious issues such as the intentional twisting of scripture in the modern age with the multitude of translations from the New International Version or even the New World Translation of the JW’s. When reading the scripture you don’t think the various authors of all these books just accidentally happened to incorporate the Chapter and Verse format, do you? Real corruption started much earlier in transcribing the text, such as “The word of the Lord” being ommitted 217 times from the Old Testament and the name of Christ on another 115 occasions. It seems the deception of mankind has been a practice from the beginning, even by those who are tasked with providing the Truth!
We can’t forget the additional texts found at Qumran.
1947 The Dead Sea Scrolls.
900 scrolls dating to the 1st and 2nd century, many of which are omitted from today’s Bible, another hmm…

We must realize that the Scriptures are not always to be taken literally, Yeshua stated that his message was “For those with eyes to see and ears to hear”. This is mentioned again in the book of Revelation in the Angel’s message to the Church. Fortunately even with man’s twisting of the translations these men didn’t have The Eyes to See and the message has survived for future generations! You may not hear this in your church which is “Formed under the IRS as a 501(c)3 organization” or in your regular programing, but i feel our duty is in helping one another deprogram.

In the beginning of this article i mentioned the 33K plus denomination’s of Christianity and with examining the transition of scripture with it’s multiple translations it should be an easy task to realize how these multitudes of denomination’s came to be. To me there’s a bigger deception, and it lays in plain sight! This deception is the name we’ve heard of as Christian, like many things it’s not what it appears to be and i would avoid it like the plague! In the eyes of the Papacy all Christians belong to Rome. Why is this? i’m glad you asked, because it was St. Ignatius Bishop of Antioch who created the title of Christian and hijacked “The Way” of Yeshua and converted it into Christianity, pardon the pun. To close this article and hopefully tie all the preceding research together you can view this history that very few know, or are taught, because power is derived through safely kept secrets! Are you a Christian or Nasine, a Guardian! LINK:

Here is an excellent resource tool for the study of scripture, Bible Hub:

Thank-you for reading, i am Bryan-Glenn Parker and some of my favorite resources are Dr. Joye Pugh, Laurence Gardner, Chuck Missler, Zen Garcia & Burt Ehrman, just in case the reader is curious, but these names barely scratch the surface!
Peace and Blessings to All! 🕊

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