An Ominous Win?

Many people have realized that television and movies have either provided notice of the truth or even predicted the future and it’s been seen from Neo in The Matrix to The Simpsons and Family Guy. Now we have witnessed the World Series win of the ‘Washington (DC) Nationals’ who’ve long been an underdog of America’s pastime sport, however i’ve always wondered what other nations other than Canada can participate in this “World Series”, maybe the Americas ARE the World? (hmm) Anyway i will go right to my point for this article.
Nobody who desires to look needs to delve very deep in looking for the parallel between events in The United States of America and sports, both in the National Football League and regarding this topic Baseball, America’s Sport. Football and it’s parallels are interesting as well. The Patriots went on to win 3 Superbowls after September 11th. 2001 and participate in 6 more winning another 3 after that, coincidence? We won’t address other social events related to sports here though, instead let’s look at the possibly ominous win of the Washington Nationals. Isn’t it interesting that the Nationals and Astros didn’t pull off victories on Home Turf? hmm…t
One of the recent hot topics in media is the awakening of a Deep State with it’s finger on the pulse (literally) of the U.S. elected officials, but above them exists a Shadow Government. This Shadow Government is more global in nature with it’s finger on the pulse of global affairs. Hopefully i’m not losing you yet, i will link this all together for those with eyes to see & ears to hear. Even within the Shadow Government of financial opportunists lays two factions, much like the American citizen is offered the Democrats or Republicans to choose between. The Shadow Government consists of first those who’s goals are to reign as a Global Empire in the detriment of our Homeland, then secondly there exists a faction that will put the Global Empire on hold for a while to strengthen the American Homeland which has been diminished by the prior idiollogy through recent administration’s. The current CEO of the United States runs a campaign on Nationalism with a slogan of Make America Great Again, he’s obviously a party to the second group of a Shadow Government. His allegiance to them is obvious with a one (1) Billion Dollar bailout by 72 banks where their attorney stated “He was worth more to us alive then dead” (financially).


So the Washington Nationals have won, is this an Omen of his success against impeachment? Those wanting to strengthen the Nation will be successful? There are some things to tuck in the back of our mind regarding this American Pastime. We know what also looks very similar to a baseball diamond, it kind of resembles the Compass & Square, yes? The baseball also consists of 108 stitches. 108 is very significant in the teachings of spiritually, it’s a number of Completeness. Do the 9 stars on the National’s emblem stand for the 9 Colonies that ratified the U.S. Constitution instead of the full 13 Colonies required by the Articles of Confederation? The original Constitution?

For those looking towards a Biblical savior don’t forget that the Biblical AntiChrist comes first!

Fodder for thought.

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