Journey of Your Lifetime, it’s Almost Magical!

Join me on a journey, maybe a journey of our mental creation, maybe a journey of a dream that we waken to. Turn on the imagination falling into a “What would I do scenerio”. Imagine being give a gift of a lifetime, something that very few have ever been granted the ability to possess. A gift that even fewer would know how to enjoy, the gift of your own Nirvana. This won’t be a Nirvana of Lore or Fairy Tales, this Nirvana will manifest as reality for a few good men to participate in. Forget the wrath of this world, forget the unforgiving spirit of Mother Nature because united in this realm we will overcome these obstacles, in fact we will use these as devices to ensure our strength and unity, a unity that will quickly become the envy and desire of all mankind. Yes, this realm will be a shining city on a hill, and not just any hill, in this journey our shining city will light the world. In fact, our light could even could be savior worldwide, yes indeed a pinnacle and desire of all humanity. Yes, this will be good. A Nirvana like none have ever seen, in fact more than good! This gift we receive on this journey will be granted to us by Divinity itself, so it must be good, right?
Oh this journey is amazing! We’ve been given such a beautiful gift! Now we need to take care of this precious gift. We need to protect it, we need to make sure it’s appreciated by all those inhabiting this shining city, so we need to draw a plan. This plan needs to trusted by everyone because we’ve seen other gifts such as this fall waste into ruin by those who have desired and envied such cities in ancient lore. So let us begin, this will be a city or shall we say Empire built on an unshakable foundation!
To ensure the sanctity of this Empire it will require a strength like none other, so it’s foundation of strength must be a central intellectual aim! Yes, that’s the answer, it’s central strength will come from it’s core, it’s subjects, or shall we soften their title and refer to them as citizens? Citizens it shall be, and strong citizens. A strength derived from their pride, for who wouldn’t be proud to live in our city, our shining city, an empire of the world! This pride will serve the Empire well, it will serve US Amazingly well! These subjects, i’m sorry, these citizens will be ingrained with such a pride that they will desire to serve US! Also, they will even teach each other that service is a duty and congratulate each other on their service to our Empire, our shining city on The Hill! This will indeed be a bastion of peace which is of course achieved only through compliance to us because this is our gift, a gift of Divine Right.
The Day’s of Our Lives may not always satisfy the citizens due to a Time of famine or enclamit conditions however through their pride the citizen will easily accept the responsibility for what will obviously be results of their gluttony alone and misuse of what we have so graciously afforded them in our Empire. Yes, this will be a great Empire, and again my friend as we know on this journey a gift was granted us by Divinity a concept of this should be shared with our citizens. This idea, or concept if you wish, would only strengthen that great pride and servitude of our citizens. They must have a Divinity in their lives, of course it can not be the same Divinity who has gifted us, for this would be a sharing of power, and we couldn’t have that could we? A sharing of Jurisdiction, preposterous i say! Instead let’s make this Divinity for them merely resemble ours even though our Divinity only mirrors another. Let’s provide them with an idol, or icon if you will. Wow, this gift is really starting to formulate itself, so exciting! This idol, first let’s give it many stars pointed sharp like thorns symbolizing the conquered territories of our Empire, beautiful idea! Secondly let’s flank it with Grace, forgiveness, and Stripes of Healing. Oh yes, by it’s Stripes they are healed and can find peace and sanctification.

Yes let’s provide a journey of their own, a journey only found in a dream. Let’s call it “The American Dream”. Something they will need to be asleep for, much like Adam who was never awakened. Dreams belong to US!

Hmm… sanctification, this is derived from sacrifice, yes i see now! They will feel like a real member through sacrifice! The will feel like part of us, We…the People who have been gifted this on our journey if they feel like an owner, if they sacrifice for it. This will be easy, they can sacrifice their children for the strength of our Empire, they can sacrifice their time through labor and the gifting of the fruits of this labor back to our Empire! Oh, this is too simple my friend, we’ve been blessed with such a gift! My only concern is repayment, was this gifted to us freely? Ah, that’s a concern for another day, we are on our own journey, it’s almost magical! Of course we know from time to time there will be times of unrest and instability, this is only natural in law with mankind, so they will need leaders and this would be best served if those leaders were from among those subjects because of course our presence will be obscure. In fact we can even let them consider those leaders to be their Servants, but yes we are assured in who they really serve, our shining city on The Hill, our Empire!
This journey is so wild with possibilities how do we hold this to ourselves? Should we not expand this shining city for all? How about spreading this Unified Narrative for everyone? This Unified Narrative should be an example, an example of this shining city on The Hill for all! We could even educate others to go forth as rulers of there empires and share this message of Freedom. Why keep it for ourselves? In the end it must be known, we created this freedom on our journey, this journey and gift has become a reality, our reality! My friend we have created what only The Fire in the Minds of Men would create for our own Nirvana, and none other. Yes, for us this is good, a very good perfect gift, subjects of our own!

Look around you my friends, do you see this perfect gift, the world today, the Empire?
~ Bryan-Glenn Parker

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