Our Compact, Interim Natus Ab Initio.

“Our Compact”
Iterum Natus Ab Initio

To all whom this may come, greetings:
1. We the Men and Women of This Compact who shall hereafter be referred to as: ‘We, Us, Our, My, and Ourselves’, come now being of Full Age of Majority dwelling on our original jurisdiction and Nationality and possessing first-hand knowledge of the contents herein with Our allegiance being unified in like mind one to another under Our Creator(s) realm in Our Sentience, Established Trust and governance of Election, being void for cause of any and all constructs, surety claim, or controversy of any principality, or temporal power whether by Canon, Proclamation, or Writ, due to Cast, Corporate, Divine Right, Trust or Religion, et al. which is not evidenced by My full written consent. We have chosen this station for Ourselves and Our lineage bonded together with only those of like mind and moral intent standing only in Our sacred honor one to another.
2. We stand united in separation and peaceful settlement from any such system or associations being disadvantageous for Us to participate or interact with for cause due to those system’s transgressions to the rights of humanity, the Natural Law, and it’s lack of moral character, piety, and the oppression and exploitation of knowledge, genes, and DNA infused by the Supreme Creator. We are void of any presumption of joinder which is not evidenced by My full written consent with any such system due to any interaction, forced association, or intercourse with any Officer, Agency, Affiliate, or use of its Commercial Script which We perform under strict necessity and without the ability to exhaust legal recourse and/or remedy in equity. For cause any such assumption or presumption of joinder shall be repugnant to Our Self-Determination and Intent of Exile, and therefore consent is dissolved, refused, quashed, rescinded, and disregarded as frivolous, without merit, and void of any and all consequence for those of This Compact. Any matter adversely affecting another shall be in the spirit of peace to find office of the facts.
3. This We perform by Our own hand through the Divine Spirit of Our Supreme Creator without reservation or detriment to any other of this realm or the dimensions beyond. Furthermore, the scribed Given Name(s) of those listed below are the sole property of those listed. Should one find fault in Our station, stray from thinking ill of it, suffering it to be so absent from rebuttal.
With silence as Our Bond further We saith naught.
witness/notary: By, /s/_____________________________ This Day___________
Nativity Place & Day ___________________________________

PAGE 2, Instructions and info

The documents can be either Notarized or evidenced by three (3) Winesses without changing the unity of the participants of this document. This document is not claimed to be any type of Remedy, it is only as powerful as the user capable. Mankind had not declared it’s separation from the higher Powers, either of the earthly realm, or the abyss and this is the intended purpose.
The /s/ on the line for signature or autograph only signifies that this name is joined with the others for this document only as strength in numbers! Keep in mind, any change to the document will negate that unity and strength.
Let your imagination consider what this document can be used for, whether as a Notice, Declaration, Exhibit to a contract, or a Claim of Right!
Choose this day Whom you will serve.

© 2019

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