A Consecration, by Consent.

What do we see playing out today, and is there good reason to choose the society wisely that we claim a position within? “Bloodguilt attaches to the slayer and his family (II Sam. 3:28ff.) for generations (II Kings 9:26), and even to his city (Jer. 26:5), nation (Deut. 21:8), and land (Deut. 24:4)”.

Bloodguilt is a base doctrine found in Judaism and Christianity, religions that many believe this nation was founded upon and revere without personal examination, i guess this could be viewed as “Blind faith” without ever questioning the Biblical meaning of “Sins of the father”. How many death’s do people turn a blind eye to whether by “Medical” procedures here at home or in the name of spreading democracy worldwide? This is also done globally in the name of Peace, which is merely viewed as the submission of a people. Do statements such as “That’s just the way it is” provide absolution from liability or the blindly followed Law, maybe a claimed position of Patriotism is an acceptance of a nation’s sins decorated with the symbols of Honor, Duty, and Loyalty. Those as the helm of these activities do not feel this guilt, they feel the guilt is passed on to those who perform the actions which they have mandated! Ya, screwed up, but not totally untrue. Both are culpable in the end, and the Nuremberg Defense is not valid either here on Earth or above!
This is nothing new and was even addressed in Joshua 24:15 “And if it seem evil unto you to serve the Lord, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord”. The real question is whether we have really chosen or has a God been chosen for you under the favorite action of assumption?
With all of the word-play and double speak used how do we know that everything presented is exactly what is meant? Looking at the Shock and Awe Campaign March of 2003 in Iraq which resulted in the sacrifice of thousands maybe this truly was a pagan sacrifice to the goddess Shek-in-ah. The phrase and the name may look very different, however the pronounciation is the same, something to consider. While people may think this is not possible because we are “One Nation Under God” i would contest that this God has never been identified, look around D.C. and try to find this nation’s “God”. What can be found though on the nation’s Great Seal is E pluribus unum, Latin for “Out of many one”. Are we sure that being identified as part of the “Many”? This is another one of the many presumptions made due to our tacit acquiescence/silence. Isn’t it past time that silence is no longer an option? The whole “Go along to get along” approach hasn’t seemed to work out so well this far, at least to me it doesn’t appear like it has.
In March of 1933 Roosevelt gave his first inaugural address in which he proclaimed a day of “National Consecration”, this isn’t a legal term this is a religious word, and i would ask, which deity was he consecrating this “Out of many one” to, and did this office of the Presidency provide for this religious action?
The nature and condition of a people needs to realized because it’s seldom taught but can be found in the statutes The Law of Nations which was used as a foundation in the U.S. Constitution under Article 1. Section 8. Clause 10. and has been used for centuries as a guide to nation building along with the relationships of nations. In Book 1 Statute 212 Chapter XlX of The Law of Nations you’ll find the relationship of mankind to the nation:
“The citizens are the members of the civil society: bound to this society by certain duties, and subject to its authority, they equally participate in its advantages”.
Also remember to read law backwards, because when it’s written “They equally participate in its advantages” we must also remember that its disadvantages are equally shared. An opt-out for this though can be found in U.S. Code Title 8, upon reaching the age of 18, something to consider.
To sum this up it’s well recognized, at least by myself, that the current society is not a creature of honor and not a society that should be represented with pride. Would our Creator take pride in what’s easily observed? So why would we? Our relationship to this society has been dictated in many places with one exception, our own personal words and actions! Probably the most important fact that isn’t realized is that participation equals your consent, as does silence!
A closing thought, choose your Master or one will be chosen for you & chose your Society, or it will be presumed! 🕊

Additional resource:
Encyclopedia Judaica

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