These End Days, and The Deception!

It seems so many in various circles are worried about a coming New World Order (NWO) and in fear that the world is heading toward the Biblical “End Times”, however i’ve heard this fear and the saber rattling for years. There’s been stories hundreds of years old when this same fear was active in the minds of men. If this was truly a fear why has mankind been tacit about constructs being put in place to enable such a time, or have a sect of people let such things occur to enable events coming to pass? As if the Creator or fate needs the helping hand of man who has yet to learn self governance.
One of the puzzle pieces that is required according to man’s understanding is a “One World Currency”. Why does mankind require everything to be exact and quickly forget that scripture was written in Parable and Prose? Instead of this one world coin maybe it’s merely just a one world financial system controlling all of the Currencies of the nation’s. Does the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Bank of International Settlements (BIS), or the World Bank sound familiar?
Another puzzle piece to be put in place for this New World Order is a feared One World Government. As i’m sure you are starting to follow this conceptualization to it’s logical conclusion what if it’s not one single centralized government, but rather a single body that controls the governing bodies of the world. Let’s say, i don’t know, maybe a governing body like the United Nations (UN) with 178 of the world’s greatest nation’s under it’s wing and sphere of influence?
Scripture stated (1st Thessalonians 5:3) that when mankind cried “Peace & Safety” the day of wrath was at hand. Wasn’t Peace & Safety the recent motto of the United Nations? Is this puzzle starting to come together yet?
Another puzzle piece regarding all this is of course the Beast, and the Beast system which hopefully can be seen with better clarity now, but what is this Beast. Are we truly looking for a single “Man”? This i really don’t know, what i do know from prophecy is that this Beast will be worshipped by all. Ok, what does this also imply? This also implies that no man will speak against “Him”, or does this infer that no man “Can” speak against him? Is there an entity which exists today that no one can speak against? Is there an entity which people must promise not to boycott, or that government representatives must agree to defend?
Do you want to locate your Master, or the controller? Who must you be silent about without being in fear?
And then there’s “The MARK”. What if this MARK is also spoke of in parabolic form? What if this is actually the thoughts of your mind and the deeds of your hand. It’s said that the left hand is the “Giving hand” and the right hand is the “Taking Hand”, something to consider.
Many times i’ve stated “What if”, this is because we should stop and use the grey matter the Creator gave us. Does the church formed as a 501(c)3 under the Internal Revenue “Service” (Not God) want you to actually think, or just follow with blind faith?

Hopefully i’ve provided some puzzle pieces, and you can assemble the full picture!

To me those with “Eyes to see and Ears to hear” do not follow blindly into the abyss! 🕊


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