The Power of The Blood that’s been Hidden!


What we’re witnessing is just a long planned evolution of society and kingship, a changing of the guard in a way. From the forfeiting of a birthright, the joining of two royal families with the marriage of Yeshua and Mary of Syrian Royalty, the infiltration of the original Nazarene Church, to an infiltration of every governing body from the local level to worldwide suppression and dominance. The assumed authority to govern the world by the Vatican is nothing new, this is the Kingdom that Yeshua was establishing, unfortunately through bloodlines, Divine Right of Kings and the Doctrine of Discovery man thinks he has the authority to sit on the throne of The Most High. Today’s system of statism and the judiciary is a mere imitation of His reign.

Many have asked about links to a marriage between Yeshua and Mary so i’ll try to explain it as simple as possible. Mary, similar to other Names/Titles, was a name for women groomed to marry a king, ever notice all the Queen’s named Mary or Elizabeth? Historically she came from a royal Syrian family. Also the new testament referrs to the marriage in Scripture but we need to piece details together at Matthew ch.26/Mark ch.14/Luke ch.7 and John ch.12 with her anointing Yeshua’s feet while he was at the table with an expensive oil referred to as Nard which is actually Spikenard. Hasn’t anyone ever thought it peculiar that the word Anoint was used rather than just saying she Washed his feet? It’s because this was truly a ceremony! We should take note also that only a family of considerable wealth could have afforded such an oil, moreover Spikenard was only used in marriage ceremonies as opposed to the anointing of Kings or Priests. The anointing of feet at the table was also a main part of the wedding ceremony. This would have been very damaging to the Church to fully divulge, and they were in control of the translating as King James was trying to stay in the good graces of the Vatican. Researching the details of history is what provides people with “The eye’s to see and ear’s to hear”!

Today people are even paying to submit their DNA/Bloodline which may assist in identifying the royal from the “Not so royal”. This information is actually found in script•ure but people have read it with lenses provided by the empire and even our Sun•Day School teachers, therefore not having the “Eye’s to See & Ears to Hear”. Don’t we wonder why Scriptural knowledge and Spiritual abilities haven’t advanced in our time?
This is certainly an interesting age for those with eye’s to see!  🔥


3 thoughts on “The Power of The Blood that’s been Hidden!

  1. Hey Bryan, any Idea what happened to the video? The link is broken on My WordPress site and I went to YouTube to find it in My History list and it appears to have been completely removed. Know anything about that?


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