“👑 A Christ Matrix, a look at Rome, Paul & Josephus” on YouTube

A search for “Your Religion” is normally not what most people search for, we merely follow the path of our heritage. However i don’t think that the God/Creator/Source cares as much about What we believe, but rather Why we believe it! Does your “God” have grandchildren? Are you a Baptist, Catholic, or Jewish because your parents were? That’s not truly how i feel this “God” sees it. It’s about your spiritual relationship to the higher power. Remember the verse from scripture that stated “I never knew you”? This shows we should have a real relationship otherwise He/She will never really “Know” us! Please read the description box of this YouTube Playlist first, it may help in comprehending how it was organized. “It is the glory of a King to hide a matter, and the glory of Man to search out a matter”. Enjoy the Search! 🕊

Playlist Link: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5X2iRLTNyrigJB81FW3h6-72GXxJcY_d

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