Grooming Socialism & Spreading Democracy, the Empires Footprint.

In following a hunch regarding steps to take toward world domination a short exploration was done in researching the educational, or indoctrination, of world leaders. This reminded me of a perported statement of a U.S. President, “The philosophy of the schoolroom in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next generation”.
~ Lincoln.

My search primarily focused on Heads of State and those in high level fiduciary positions for nation’s, and what was found was almost nothing short of breathtaking. The search was done in fairly short order however some sites would provide a link to a [government] site which only provided a link to another site. Then there it was, JACKPOT! Lists of names with educational and company positions [government] that automatically would cause someone to say, Wait… What? The saying “All the world’s a stage” is much larger than a line from Shakespeare, it’s an absolute Truth!
A link to one such site will be provided at the end of this article but some of these results will be provided so the readers don’t need to go on this quest, unless desired. For those fascinated by the intellectual ideas of these leaders or the thought process behind the admiration of dictators info from Paul Hollander is recommended.
Here is a Very Small list of these Economic Leaders and Heads of State ie: Presidents/CEO’S. These are people educated in U.S. Universities such as the King of Jordan, a Crown Prince in Norway and even Japan.

Chicago Boys of Chili (economic)

  • University of Chicago
    Indonesian President Yudoyono
  • Webster University
    The cabinet of Yudoyono included members educated at: UC Berkeley, A&M, Wharton Business, UC Davis, and The Colorado School of Mines.
    Donald Trump – Fordham University.
    Mohammed Morsi -USC
    John Garang, People’s Liberation Army of the Sudan – Grinnell College

International alums from economics,
and few of the world leaders who earned master’s or doctoral degrees from the economics department in the UI College of Business:

Rafael Correa, president of Ecuador
Sri Indrawati, Indonesia’s minister of development planning
Hamath Sall, Senegal’s minister of rural development and agriculture
Raul Vera-Bogado, Paraguay’s minister of industry and commerce
Giorgi Tabuashvili, finance minister for the Republic of Georgia
Alberto Carrasquilla, former Colombian finance minister
Jose Uribe, president of Colombia’s central bank.
Maria Cid de Bonilla, president of Guatemala’s central bank
Seongtae Lee, president of Korea’s central bank
Alexandre Tombini, a director for Brazil’s central bank
Rodrigo Azevedo, a former director of Brazil’s central bank
Alag Batsukh, deputy governor of the central bank of Mongolia
Janybek Omorov, deputy chairman of the central bank of Kyrgyzstan.

While researching this the reason for looking at fiduciary executive’s needs to be clarified, whether it’s a parking ticket or a felony all crimes have been made commercial under 27 CFR 72.11 and a profit is being made by way of Payment Bonds, Performance Bonds etc. At my county a SunTrust bank is actually physically connected to the courthouse, go figure!The link for evidence is here:

We also should look at U.S. backed Juan Guaido at Venezuela. His party choose to not participate in elections where Maduro won with over 50% of the voters. By the way, Juan Guaido was educated at George Washington University, hmm… Is this why the UNITED STATES stands in the minority of countries who support him? Something to consider. For the best info regarding Venezuela i would recommend Florida Maquis on YouTube.

Has this started painting a picture? Now let’s take an even more extensive trip around the world!

Lee Teng-Hui, China: Cornell University

Mario Monti, Italy: Yale University

Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel: MIT, Harvard University

Albert II, Monaco: Amherst College

Unamdi Azikne, Nigeria: Howard University, Lincoln University

Shinzo Abe, Japan: USC

Ghazi Mashal Ajil al-Yawer, Iraq: American University, George Washington University

Hafizullah Amin, Afganistan: Columbia University

Jamshid Amuzegar, Iran: Cornell University

Ehud Barak, Israel: Stanford University

Markek Bella, Poland: Columbia University, University of Chicago

Zine El Abidine Been Ali, Tunisia: Senior Intelligence School Maryland, Anti Aircraft Texas

Benazir Bhutto, Pakistan: Harvard University

Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, Pakistan: Harvard University

Felipe Calderon, Mexico: Harvard University

Vicente Fox, Mexico: Harvard University

Goh Chok Tong, Singapore: Williams College

It’s amazing that the United States of America ranks 20th. – 25th. in educational testing worldwide but so many world “Leaders” are groomed here in America, what are we not being taught. More importantly, what are we not being told! We hear on the news that a study at Harvard or George Washington University says this or that but are we really being shown who or what is running this country, and other nations? Many people are aware of a recent tragedy in my life, but it’s only fuel to my fire for exposing Truth!
Here’s a link from the Washington Times, i won’t weigh you down with the numerous links that were followed.


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