Right to Travel?

Right to Drive/Travel? Let me try and clarify the issue…
The Supreme Court (SCOTUS) didn’t “Grant” the Right, they only upheld its validity. SCOTUS also has upheld the Right to join any organization you want which may subvert those Rights, which is what was done when applying for a drivers license and forfeiting any so called “Constitutional Rights”. An organization was joined that has its own rules & regulations, and the Courts & Police are just enforcing the contract which was signed with that organization. The forcing of people to join an organization or PMA (Private Membership Association) is not legal according to the US Supreme Court, but when this occurs the unalienable “Rights” of the Constitution are exchanged for membership (license) with no consideration exchanged. Most people however do not comprehend Contract Law though and don’t realize that when they traded their intangible “Right to Drive” or “Right of use” that they were supposed to receive something (consideration) in return, which never occurred. The only thing they received was a basket of liabilities. For those who claim that they’ve never applied (plea,pray,beg) for a drivers license you need to realize that upon being born the state created an organization/agency called the Statutory/Juristic PERSON and view you as the Agent representing that organization and the Agent and for Service of Process (link:https://youtu.be/f-w88IhSD90) the PERSON is required to obtain a License to use the Postal Routes. Ever notice that the Postman is the only guy on the road without license plates? There’s another “Twist” to this also, many people love claiming to being a Citizen, a Free American Wo/Man, unfortunately nothing could be further from the truth. A citizen is a jurisdiction Roman Civil Law entity which is owned and owes allegiance to its creator, the Federal “State of…” and possesses no freedom or “Rights” outside of the mere “Privileges” granted by this Roman Civil system of volunteers servitude, ie: Slavery. What a Bait-and-Switch, and we fall for this daily. Also see>>> https://m.facebook.com/groups/243668972484666?view=permalink&id=830790237105867 To those who try and claim there was a lack of full disclosure, i guess they’ve never heard of The Federal Register, federalregister.gov. For Full Disclosure i went to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and asked, “When i sign the DL does that mean i consent to the DMV rules & regulations”? They answered “Yes”, so i asked if they could provide those to me, and they couldn’t. i was told the rules & regulations were online, the funny thing was that i had to tell them where to look online!The bottom line is that the naysayers can tell you all about the last NFL game though!

People also worry too much about operating in commerce without realizing how this system operates. What most people don’t realize is that when you are on the road You Are operating in commerce because your trafficking “Their” Person and have agreed to be it’s agent for Service of Process & Demand by joining their PMA called the DMV which has it’s own Rules and Regulations separate from that Constitution thing that people mistakenly think they’re under. This system has made everything commercial, especially if you read 27 CFR 72.11. So what needs to be Corrected is your relationship with that statutory Person/Agency.
For more detailed knowledge on this and how to get the Equitable (Real) Title to your auto, other than requesting a full history from the state about it’s VIN number, please veiw this YouTube Playlist and you’ll have all the necessary info!
LINK: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5X2iRLTNyrgaKyQ5ZKp4fqbodr6A2pTD
Let me also refer to the common losing argument “I’m traveling, not opperating in commerce”. Have you ever heard of the DOT, Department of Travel? Everything within the state Is Commerce! The “Right to Travel” argument was placed by state sponsered “Guru’s” to distract people from the true issues! When i’m asked about my DL the answer is i don’t own a DL, because if it can be taken from you then evidently You Don’t Own It!
Safe Travels!


4 thoughts on “Right to Travel?

  1. Now, let’s discuss the contracts of registered motorized vehicles and subcontracted requirements to hold a minimum amount of crash (No such thing as an accident) insurance. Furthermore, the false narratives that the geographic conditions, vehicle, operator, and credit ratings are factored into price of insurance.
    If the operator owns (No liens) 3 vehicles, all 3 must be insured; and if a person living in the residence with a DL must be added to the owners policies as that person has access to said vehicles……hence, my teen gets a DL and my automobile insurance company sends a letter notifying me a consumer report shows “x” must be added or present proof “x” has auto coverage with another company. If not, the company will automatically add “x” to my policy.
    Privacy? How are these ghosts getting into my home without permission and demanding I participate?


    1. The problem is that even without a lein the auto isn’t totally “Owned” because just like all other property we’re dealing with split title. We hold Legal Title, while the state holds Equitable Title with the MCO/MSO. In the article i shared a link on how to regain the Equitable Title.


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