Many erroneously think the White House which is appropriately situated between Virginia and Maryland is constructed of the marble of the god’s from Croatia, which at that era would have been a daugnting feat of transportation and shipping. The White House and many other temples of the District of Columbia were actually constructed of nearby sandstone and limestone. As written by Charles Bulfinch ca. 1829, the sandstone was the principal material used in such significant buildings as the White House and the early stages of the U.S. Capitol. The easy availability of the stone and its ability to be carved were offset in time by its susceptibility to weather-induced deterioration.
The building of this Presidential Palace was commissioned to James Gonna from Ireland by George Washington who never resided in it. The White House and the Capitol are often referred to as “The People’s House” which many learned wasn’t the case on January 6th. 2021. Myself a claim to a temple of Horus would never be on my agenda. Much of the construction being sandstone covering a frame hardly seems like a monument to stand the test of time, as we will soon learn. One hundred and fifty years after the cornerstone was laid the White House was condemned for human living and underwent major renovation in 1948. On a side note Sandstone is not very tolerable with a Mohs hardness scale of 6.5 and a melting temperature of 1,500°C, keeping in mind that an average home fire easily reaches the same temperature.
Let’s travel back in time though to foundation of The White House, originally referred to as The Presidential Palace, had it’s cornerstone laid on October 13th. of 1792 while the Moon was in Virgo and equally as interesting the Capitol was founded on September 18th. of 1795 while Mercury was in Virgo. The significance of these signs should not go unobserved.
To avoid the labyrinth of rabbit holes in astrology one can easily be found lost in let’s explore another curious feature of construction for the Presidential Palace. Anyone who has built a structure knows that aside from the foundation a modern structure requires an allowance for plumbing, which became a head scratcher while simultaneously providing a good chuckle in the darker corners of my mind. Allow me to explain, being constructed on low water lands, a kind way of saying swamp, the site of the White House needed to be raised as can be seen if viewing the grounds around the National Monument, the sewage and plumbing was also at different levels for both flow and pumping purposes. Here’s where it gets interesting, knowing this is all built on a “Lowland” if a serious flood were to occur the waters of the buildings constructed below the White House would force the plumbing to rise and eventually the sewage would backup to it’s highest point, The Presidential Palace! Do you have that sinister grin yet? The headwaters of the Potomac which provided the sandstone for the White House could one day reclaim it’s natural property.

“Anyone who listens to my teaching and follows it is wise, like a person who builds a house on solid rock… But anyone who hears my teaching and doesn’t obey it is foolish, like a person who builds a house on sand.”
Matthew 7: 24 & 26 NLT


A Divided People, on Purpose!

‘Return of the Republic’

This is an “Ear tickling” phrase or buzzword peddled among a community of patriots without a baseline or true definition of what a Republic truly is, so let’s look.

Republic: “A form of government in which a state is ruled by representatives of the citizen body.”
~ Encyclopedia Britannica

Republic vs. Democracy
“The major difference between a Democracy and a Republic is that a Republic is a form of government whereas a Democracy is an ideology that helps shape how a government is run.
Put another way, a Republic is the system of government that allows a country to be Democratic”!
~ Prepscholar

Republic vs. Democracy
Maybe people need to realize the difference between a government and an ideology.
Let’s break this down to the very basics…
We know the Terms Republicans & Democrats, we also hear Democracy but have we ever heard of a Repubcrocy? Have we ever heard of a Depublican? Of course not, one is a system of government and the latter is an ideology that runs a government, control by elected officials. People seem to be controled the easiest through their lack of knowledge. Didn’t Hosea state this? “My people perish for a lack of knowledge”.

What does the U.S. Constitution cite in Article IV?
“Guarantee[s] to every State in this Union a Republican form of Government”.
Does this guarantee a Republic? No, it guarantees a Republican “Form” of government. Maybe better stated “A Republican type of government”. Something additional to keep in mind is that a Grantor is creator of a Trust which is self evident in the preamble.
Put simply, a Republic is governed by the written law as opposed to the lone edicts of a Monarch. The United States however has a mix of both as a “Republican form of government” which is observed with edicts rolled out in the form of Executive Orders. This is probably why Patrick Henry was opposed to the Constitution when he stated “The Constitution would give a president powers greater than a king”. For some reason though patriots love that document, whether they are a party to it or not.
In saying that “We need to restore the Republic” is like looking around for your glasses when they’re perched upon your forehead. Just another red flag designed to expose those who don’t know what they’re talking about.
So when we read “A government of the people, by the people and for the people” maybe we should rethink who The People really are, because the government certainly doesn’t listen to the Constituents. Have you ever thought something bigger could be happening behind the scenes? i’ll leave you with a quote from General Cornwallis of the Revolutionary War.

The Roman’s Deception

In the study of Man’s Law there quickly became a better understanding of scriptural laws and commandments, and how the latter mirrors the former. Today it’s frustrating to watch the misinformation of not just man’s mandates but also those of scripture. So let’s look at a couple of those that seem to be negligently regurgitated, and we don’t need to travel any further than the book of Romans, because all roads lead to Rome, right?
Romans 13:1
“Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God”. KJV
To comprehend this text and it’s intent we should look at the juridic atmosphere of that day. The people were ruled by two factions, the first being the physical governance of Pontius Pilate (Latin: ˈpɔntɪ.ʊs piːˈlaːtʊs; Greek: Πόντιος Πιλάτος) the governor of the Roman province of Judaea, serving under Emperor Tiberius in a ten year span around 30 AD. In this capacity Pilate represented the “Earthly Authority”. Then there was the second rulers, the Spiritual court of the Sanhedrin that we see led by Caiaphas (Hebrew: יוֹסֵף בַּר קַיָּפָא‎; Greek: Καϊάφας) the High Priest of Israel who the scribes and the elders as an ad hoc court of the Sanhedrin and gathered together in the trial of Yeshua. This could be seen as an ecclesiastical court but it needs to be realized that many members of the Sanhedrin also held positions with Rome’s government.
By now we should be looking at Romans 13:1 a little differently. These authorities being referred to were those of the Spiritual court and it’s rulers, and not the rulers of Rome. This chapter does mention taxes but does the church not require a tax/tenth/tithe? This chapter mostly discusses morality and the keeping of Torah’s commandments, not man’s law. This was the message Yeshua was repeatedly teaching, His Kingdom is within and not the realm of Rome. Pontius Pilate had no issue with Yeshua because Yeshua was not claiming the realm of Pilate or Tiberius, Yeshua was claiming the Kingdom that the Sanhedrin pretended to rule. Yes pretended, what did Yeshua tell them? He told them in John 8 that their father “…was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it. And because I tell you the truth, ye believe me not”.
If their father was a liar then what do you think came from their mouths? On a side note it’s very interesting that it’s written how Pilate washed his hands at this event, however the washing of hands was not a Roman custom, the washing of hands is actually a jewish custom. Maybe it was actually Caiaphas who washed his hands, which would make more sense.
After looking at the two tiers of authority during those days another deceptive issue being taught also needs to be addressed, the Law.
Recent events should have exposed this and what has been read into the Pauline Doctrine, after all Paul referred to it as “My Gospel”. In Romans 7 Paul wrote of no longer being “Bound by the Law”. This law was that of those lying Scribes who followed the Oral Law of the Talmud and not the Law of the Torah. We should be starting to realize why Yeshua said their father was a liar and the father of lies. Keep in mind that only secret information is spread orally to prevent written evidence of falsehoods.
As an agent for Rome did Paul hide some truth in his text? This seems to be obvious. However so does today’s clergy being restrained under a 501c(3) status.
Allow me to leave you with another consideration. Last time Checked there are over one hundred thousand (100,000) ministers who are a member of the CRT, Clergy Response Team. These are ministers of the worldly realm who will quickly deliver you unto Caesar. It would be interesting to learn how many of people’s dearly beloved clergy will admit to holding this position!
Above all else, know who you are and Who you belong to!

Hijacking the Mayflower

On 1620 pilgrim’s drifted upon virgin shores of North America in search of a land where their right of self determination could be exercised unfettered, or did they? The Mayflower lit upon the shores of Plymouth on November 9th. two months after setting sail and a compact was penned two days later on November 11th. to establish a government and order among the settlers. It has always amazed me at the speed in which documents are drafted at the heels of events in history. Upon disembarking at Plymouth certainly there would have been more pressing needs, but let’s continue.

The Mayflower Compact, originally titled “Agreement Between the Settlers of New Plymouth”

In the name of God, Amen. We, whose names are underwritten, the loyal subjects of our dread Sovereigne Lord, King James, by the grace of God, of Great Britaine, France and Ireland king, defender of the faith, etc. having undertaken, for the glory of God, and advancement of the Christian faith, and honour of our king and country, a voyage to plant the first colony in the Northerne parts of Virginia, doe by these presents solemnly and mutually in the presence of God and one of another, covenant and combine ourselves together into a civill body politick, for our better ordering and preservation, and furtherance of the ends aforesaid; and by virtue hereof to enacte, constitute, and frame such just and equall laws, ordinances, acts, constitutions and offices, from time to time, as shall be thought most meete and convenient for the generall good of the Colonie unto which we promise all due submission and obedience. In witness whereof we have hereunder subscribed our names at Cape-Codd the 11. of November, in the year of the raigne of our sovereigne lord, King James, of England, France and Ireland, the eighteenth, and of Scotland the fiftie-fourth. Anno Dom. 1620.

This Compact, signed by 41 men, was written for the first of three governments that would be established by the newcomers of the Dutch Netherlands and the city of Leiden to be specific, and not England. How many are aware the Netherlands are the largest holder of FDI’s, Foreign Direct Investments? To digress, this Compact would serve the Settlers well for over 160 years as a Body Politic until the writing of the 1781 ‘Articles of Confederation’ for ‘The United States of America’ established a second government. Their loyalty to the King and original homeland can be seen in their compact and the naming of the territories of the King. With the reference to New Plymouth it’s interesting to take a look at the old Plymouth. Plymouth is a port city in Devon, southwest England and known for its maritime heritage and historic Barbican district with narrow, cobbled streets. Seems this Maritime Heritage has continued in many ways. As a side note the namesake of the Mayflower was Crataegus Monogyna, and a controlling share of this vessel (.25) was held by Christopher Jones, a name that has slipped into obscurity.
Those with a eye for legalese were probably alerted to the use of Settler in the original title of the Compact, so what is a Settler? In law a settler is a person who settles property on trust law for the benefit of beneficiaries.
Many of these pilgrims felt their agreement with the King was to develop the land of Virginia, and not New Plymouth though. Whoa Nelly, put the breaks on! They were to develop the land of Virginia? So obviously a Virginia had already been established, ever feel you weren’t given the whole story? How many people are aware of the land grants by the King that the settlers were bound to? After seven years a man could buy his way off from under this servitude, or contract for more land. How many are aware that the Northwest Territory was actually ceded to the United States by France, and not merely stolen from the various tribes which occupied the land.
Has the true history and intent of the Mayflower been hijacked? To borrow from Napoleon, history is indeed written by the victors!

The Scarlet Worm

The Scarlet Worm ~ תֹּלַעַת
In Latin this is known as the Coccus or the Towla in the Hebrew Lexicon, in Strong’s Concordance #8438 this is תֹּלַעַת but whatever the source it’s derived from we find another example of how sign, symbols and imagery is used to depict events, stories and life principles.
“I am but a worm, no man”
Psalm 22:6
The Crimson worm predominantly found in the Middle East lays her eggs under her body and it’s protective shell. The תֹּלַעַת loses use of its legs which is probably why it’s referred to as a worm. When the baby worms hatch they stay protected under the shell. Not only does the mother’s body give protection for her babies, but it also provides them with nourishment.
“Jesus took some bread and gave thanks to God for it. Then he broke it in pieces and said, This is my body, which is given for you. Do this in remembrance of me.”
1st Corinthians 11
After just a few days, when the young worms are able to take care of themselves, the mother dies. As this process of death occurs the mother Crimson worm oozes a crimson red dye which not only stains the wood beneath her, but also her children. They are colored by her scarlet red blood for the rest of their lives.
“It is the blood, given in exchange for a life, that makes purification possible”.
Leviticus 17 NLT
After three (3) days, the Crimson worm’s body loses its crimson color and turns into a white wax, falling to the ground like snow.
“Though your sins are like scarlet, I will make them as white as snow”.
Isaiah 1 NLT
It’s very interesting that like the Crimson worm Yeshua gave up His life on a tree so that His children might be washed with His blood and cleaned white as snow.
So, i guess this is the time when i tip-toe onto the thin ice with many acclaimed “Christians”, yep all 33K plus denominations and probably some others who i’m sure have held many a midnight vigil in my “Honor”. It needs to be realized that sacrifice and alters were the foundation of religion for people at that time so it would be an easy jump to claim Yeshua was a sacrifice, or final sacrifice. Church’s today still require an indulgence, tithe or sacrifice today. How many parishioners dedicate their offspring at the alter which is merely an imitation of child baptism or First Communion? Did Yeshua teach “Hey guys, wait till I’m crucified and rise again”? Of course not, unfortunately we still struggle with having “The eye’s to see, and the ear’s to hear”.
Would the Creator who spoke this world into existence need blood spilled from His creation to cover it’s transgressions? Maybe these are the fickle teachings of man, a man like oh i don’t know, Paul? Did Yeshua perform an inadequate task as the Master of teaching and need a Roman soldier to come clean things up? What if we just followed the example of Yeshua and The Way?
If this was His plan for mankind then i’ll accept it, but it’s something worth consideration in my book. To me an Omnipresent and Omnipotent Creator wouldn’t require a ritual of man. In closing i’ll just reference Jeremiah.
“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; before you were born I Sanctified you; I Ordained you a prophet to the nations.”
Jeremiah 1:5 KJV

The Pharisee’s & Pharaoh’s

Pharisee comes from the Hebrew (פרושים) prushim from (פרוש) parush, meaning “separated”, referring to one who is separated for a life of purity, today these would be those of the Orthodox religion.
Comparing Pharisee to Pharaoh:
Original Hebrew in Genesis 12:15 for “Pharaoh” is: “Phar-oh” (noun).
Talmudim post Temple verbiage for “Pharaoh” is Phar-ooh or Far-ooh,
Talmudim post Temple “claim” of the root verbiage for “Pharisee” is Phar-us or Far-us (verb) Persian origin. This etymology shows the link between Pharisee’s and Pharaoh’s, which emerged from Egypt.
The Pharisees emerged in opposition to the corruption of the Hasmonean dynasty of the second century BC which the Sadducees were connected with. The Hamoneans had assumed power in the wake of the successful revolt against the Seleucid Greeks. Led by Judah Maccabee, the Jews had liberated Jerusalem from Greek rule in 165 BC and restored its Temple, which had been defiled under the Antiochus IV. Judah’s nephew, John Hyrcanus, established the Hasmonean dynasty, in which the priests held direct political power as well as religious authority. Although the Hasmoneans were heroes for resisting the Seleucids, their reign lacked the legitimacy conferred by the descent from the Davidic dynasty of the First Temple Era. The hope of a Messiah, son of David, developed during this period in tension with the reality of Hasmonean rule.
The Sadducees emerged as the party of the priests and allied Hasmonean elites, taking their name, Sadducee, from King Solomon’s loyal priest Zadok.
To observe real connects for Egypt today let’s jump back around 1 thousand years. Ascending to the throne around 1351 BC, and about five years into his reign, Amenhotep IV abolished Egypt’s traditional pantheon of gods and goddesses and declared that Aten the sun-disk, until then a minor aspect of the sun god Ra-Horakhty, was the single and only true God of Egypt. Amenhotep changed his name to Akhenaten, moved the capital from Thebes to a new city he named Akhetaten, now known as Tell el-Amarna. See the Amen in his name, and the -ten as a suffix in his and the city’s name? We’ll look at the latter further along.
If people recall the 44th. President Barrack Obama ran on a platform of fundamental transformation which falls directly in line with the unfavorable actions of Pharaoh Akhenaten who altered the culture and religion of his realm in his new city by the same name, Akhenaten aka Aten or Atón. Recall the previous mention of the suffix -ten? We overlook this daily in observing the names of towns such as Washington, and customarily view this suffix as referring to a town or burg, but what if this grew into our language from a reference to the God Atón?
Interestingly in the early summer of 2009 Obama visited Egypt after securing the U.S. Presidency where he gave a speech at the university in Cairo, but he also visited historical sites and sculptures like that of Pharaoh Akhenaten where he made the statement “He looks like me”, which grammatically would be incorrect as Akhenaten preceded Obama. The correct statement would have been “I look like him”, unless there was an underlying message in his statement. It also should be mentioned that Obama noted the ears of Akhenaten which for those who’ve studied forensics know that the ear is as important as a fingerprint. Maybe Obama’s visit was really to pay homage in a long line of pharaoh’s. Another interesting event occurred in the area of Mesopotamia, this was a genetic anomaly resulting in a recessive gene displayed by Blue eyes and blond or reddish hair. Knowledge of this is widely accepted and discussed by Dr. Leuren Moret previously of UC Berkeley. Many of the tombs of the east have provided a window into the red hair of many pharaoh’s and the artwork of that era depicting blue eyes. As people dispersed from this region post Babylon and the triumphs of Alaxander the Great it’s easier to see where many fled geographically, as northern Italy has many Blond haired inhabitants as does the Netherlands, Europe, Caucus Mountains and the Berbers of North Africa. The peopling of North America introduced many from these regions as well. It’s almost like Babylon wove its way through many nation’s and circled it’s way right into America, establishing the New Order of governance. In recent U.S. history there was a choice between two people in Federal elections, a choice between someone with blond hair or another with red hair, this is no coincidence. So whether it’s the Pharasee’s of the Orthodoxy or the Pharaoh’s of the ruling class, the same system has been in place for thousands of years! Call it a Monarchy or a Democracy, a rose by any other name is still a rose. This is the year 2020, may we all have “The eyes to see”!

The Pharaoh’s still Reign!
EPISODE 1: https://www.talkshoe.com/episode/9069340
EPISODE 2: https://www.talkshoe.com/episode/9268795
Playlist with source material in the description box: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5X2iRLTNyriYo9f38x2iyhPrlF5RC37g

Lex Mercatoria: Merchant Law

The Law of Man’s King, Lex Mercatoria (Merchant Law).

“The UCC makes it very clear that it promotes not only custom but also the common law, equity and the Law Merchant besides it”.

“And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you;”
2 Peter 2:3

“Lex Mercatoria is deeply rooted in the ancient times. It is associated with the oversea trade which was conducted mainly in the area of Greece, Egypt, Phoenicia, and especially Rome.
Rome is the place where a separated law, called Ius Gentium, was created. The main reason of the creation of this law was the expansion of the Roman Empire and the fact that the existed law could not cover anymore all the newly created legal relationships, especially in the area of trade”.

“Early Egyptians, Phoenicians and Greeks had extensive commercial exchanges through sea transport over the Mediterranean Sea and established the first unwritten customs and rules of maritime transport. Traces of early written manifestations of sporadic rule-making in maritime trade are to be found in the Code of Hammurabi (ca. 1780 BC) and the Sumerian Laws Handbook (ca. 1700 BC). The first full-fledged compilation of maritime law principles was the Rhodian Sea Law (Lex Rhodia), a body of regulations governing commercial trade and navigation in the Mediterranean sea dating from 800-600 BC. It has shaped maritime law over centuries and its influence is still felt today”.

“And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.”
The “Great men of the earth” reminds me of Genesis 6 and the teachings of the fallen.

The Warning:
Unfortunately mankind has demanded a King and his Merchant Law.
“The king will draft your sons and assign them to his chariots and his charioteers, making them run before his chariots. Some will be generals and captains in his army, some will be forced to plow in his fields and harvest his crops, and some will make his weapons and chariot equipment. The king will take your daughters from you and force them to cook and bake and make perfumes for him. He will take away the best of your fields and vineyards and olive groves and give them to his own officials”.

“Babylon is fallen—that great city is fallen!
She has become a home for demons. She is a hideout for every foul spirit…
Because of the wine of her passionate immorality.
The kings of the world
have committed adultery with her.
Because of her desires for extravagant luxury,
the merchants of the world have grown rich.”
“Therefore, these plagues will overtake her in a single day — death and mourning and famine”.
“The merchants of the world will weep and mourn for her, for there is no one left to buy their goods”.

This realm has certainly made merchandise of the inhabitants so we need to be fully aware of this before we sign anything, and take heed to the warning in script•ure!
“There’s danger in putting up security for a stranger’s debt; it’s safer not to guarantee another person’s debt”.

  1. Opinio Juris 2012
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  3. Law Research/Trans-lex. org/
  4. 1 Samuel 8:11-14
  5. Revelation 18:23
  6. Revelation 18:2/3/8/11 NLT
  7. Proverbs 11:15

courtesy ~ Ken Scott

B-G Parker 25AUG20



For those claiming titles including but not limited to Common Law Judge, Jural Assemblyman, Post Master, Postmaster, Muster Master, Master [click] Baiter, Postal Judge, Flag Holder, Key Holder, American National, American State National, Federal Judge, Governor, Commander in Chief, Representative, Barrister, Senator, Corporate Officer/Agent, Counselor et al, anyone self-diagnosed with a Full Colon and those who attempt a possession of authority held by an earthly construct or heavenly appointment this Notice of Liability is hereby provided.

The aforementioned person’s, natural or corporate, being without Selection, Election, Nomination, Designation, Appointment, Invitation and Power of Attorney in any form or style, being void of expressed or written consent to Speak/Write/Contest/Represent myself or my Person by the presumption of E. Pluribus Unum as a member of a corporal society being disadvantageous in affect & influence and are hereby required to Cease & Desist the trespass of Office Found in unlawful representation. Including but not limited to any Man/Woman/Corporate Entity claiming authority whether De Jure or De Facto, presumed or usurped, establish joinder to This Notice of Liability in a respective personal or commercial capacity.

This scribed by my hand possessing first hand knowledge without presumption or conclusionary assumption being void of any Allegiance, Pledge, or Obligation of Contract known or unknown.

In the year of YHVH

11 September 2020

/s/ Bryan-Glenn Parker, Executor

The Shm Society: Declaration of Intent

~ The Shm Society ~

‘Declaration of Intent’

It is our intention to join in truth, peace and honor to form a co-operative society free from the uses of oppressive thought, action and force thereby harmoniously forming one mind, body and spirit as a collective human family. With guidance and protection from the everlasting light of all that is, we will form a system of self-governance that maintains love, compassion, equality and selfless service at its core. Do unto others as you would have done to you is the highest Law of One.
The Aramaic root word Shm means a single, supreme life force that flows through all living things therefore we welcome people from all faiths as brothers and sisters. Historically, most religions recognize a supreme Creator referred to by many names such as God, Allah, YHVH, or other monikers. Other systems of thought may use more generalized terms like The Universe or Supreme Creator. The common thread is that we all acknowledge a Divine force which is responsible for all of Creation; the God of One. As humans here on planet Earth, we are endowed with its gifts and blessed to be able to use these gifts to make this experience as enjoyable for all beings as possible. It is our Divine Right, and the purpose of Shm Society, to be free and have liberty here in this experience as long as our will is aligned with the Will of the Divine, and as a society our goal is to create this.
In the western world, commerce and law have taken on many principles from the ethics of judeo-christian faiths. From the day we become entwined with these systems we are by association bound to the same rules and principles that judeo-christian faiths espouse. This day of entanglement into these structures may be the registration of birth for many people born in the US, the process of becoming a naturalized citizen for people born elsewhere, or simply doing commerce and entering contracts that are under the laws of these systems. Therefore, from the day we “sign that contract” we have walked through a door into the world where we are bound by these rules and principles.
Understanding who we are in regards to all of the Divine Creation as well as the systems of law and commerce that run our lives, we aim to walk back through that door and remove ourselves from those systems not in alignment with the Will of the Divine. Experience has shown that the best way out is to follow the rules that we were bound to upon entering those systems in the first place. By revelations found in the historical documentation of judeo-christian religions, we plan to use the teachings left behind for us as a map to find our way back out the door that we first walked through when we entered these systems.
It is our objective to honor the messages that were left behind for us in the judeo-christian faiths by referencing and using their words to help redeem us from any system bound to its principles. We honor Jesus as a spiritual master of our age as well as the Buddha Shakyamuni, Krishna and many other prophets who came here to share the wisdom of the divine to help us live our lives for the maximum benefit of all beings. We honor and accept people of all faiths whose will is also in alignment with these principles.
We hereby declare, define and proclaim our intention to serve one another in service to the God of One, in eternal freedom as the family of man and womb-man by the sacred will of free choice within for the inheritance of Divine Right is ours.
Signed and sealed as above so below by all who attach their mark hereto in mind, body and spirit.

Declaration of Intent explained:

For info email:

Below is The Shm Society site where you can find this letter of Intent along with the ability to join free of charge or detriment. We’ve also provided security along with an NDA to protect your Intellectual Property in this age of trafficking in Persons.


Together we claim our Birthright.

Person vs. PERSON: Today’s Bondservant

What would you think is probably the most dangerous obstacle everyone has to navigate in life would be? It’s my contention this obstacle would be our own mind and the minds difficulty in distinguishing the difference between a Belief and real Knowledge. Beliefs are based on opinions derived from other people, inner discernment or even faulty external teachings. Knowledge however is based on credible research and actual experience. There are three good rules to follow for confirmation of truth, 1. Is it Measurable, 2. Is it Observable, 3. Is it Repeatable. A way of remembering this is whenever we stumble on new information or are told something keep in mind you “Want to know M.O.R.”, Measurable/Observable/Repeatable. These are recommended criteria that will be employed in looking at the difference between “The Person vs. The PERSON”.
The meaning of a sentence or statement hinges on the words being used and can be measured by the words used and the definitions. Too often there seems to be a fear of the word Person or it’s derivatives, and as a simple word it’s harmless. We often hear that the Legal Society has changed the definitions of words, which isn’t true. Many Words have been reclassified as Terms, tools of the Legal Society which they can be defined according to the use. Unfortunately we deal with the legal realm too often and need to realize that we are no longer dealing with common words and phrases but are now juggling Terms instead of Words. Did you observe a change there? It’s no longer Words, but now they are Terms. This is referred to as Reclassification, probably the most used activity in Legalese. If something is Reclassified is can easily be moved from your possession.
The smallest nuances of changes can have important hidden messages, such as seen in the title of this article, ‘Person vs. PERSON’. According to the Associated Press Styles Manual the use of “V.” is reserved for court cases, while “VS.” is appropriate for casual use. These nuances are used repeatedly, and a slip of the tongue or text can hold serious implications! Often we may sign something that states that we “Understand the terms of a contract”, but we need to know this isn’t only referring to the Rights & Duties within the contract but also the Terms/Words being used to construct the agreement. Too often a translator would be beneficial, this would be no different in a legal venue [court].
Let’s delve into this mysterious Person and look at the resources provided to explain this, apologizing in advance to the “Truther or Patriot” sect this wasn’t referenced by Peter in KJV Acts 10:34 “Then Peter opened his mouth, and said, Of a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons:
35 But in every nation he that feareth him, and worketh righteousness, is accepted with him”.
The KJV is about the only “Version” i’ve read this in aside from the Aramaic, the others are more explanatory withe the use of Favoritism, Partiality, or even more precise “God doesn’t play favorites”. Which is the accurate explanation of this verse, He doesn’t observe the King over than the Serf!

In pointing to script•ure in reference to the “respecting of Persons” why would we think this is the only place where that statement exists?
28 U.S. Code § 453.

Each justice or judge of the United States shall take the following oath or affirmation before performing the duties of his office:
“I, ___ ___, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will administer justice without respect to persons, and do equal right to the poor and to the rich, and that I will faithfully and impartially discharge and perform all the duties incumbent upon me as ___ under the Constitution and laws of the United States. So help me God.”
(June 25, 1948, ch. 646, 62 Stat. 907; Pub. L. 101–650, title IV, § 404, Dec. 1, 1990, 104 Stat. 5124.)

Are you a Corporation? This is often claimed to be the case by many who haven’t studied business or contract law and many types of Corporate Body’s exist, such as Trust Estates, Corporations, Limited Liability Companies Llc’s, Limited Partnerships and General Partnerships. Being Corporate in perception is not the same as being a Corporation. However, for and actual Corporation to exists there exists a few required elements such as:
1. Officer’s, namely a CEO, Secretary, Treasurer etc.
2. Corporate Rules.
3. Regular Meetings.
4. A Compact and maybe a Charter.
These are only a few of the elements, which the bellybutton you and i don’t possess.
In a street conversation with a Judge regarding this he referred to the PERSON as a “Thing” and often “It”. This reminded me of “Cousin It” from the television or movies. It’s crazy how often the media provides Truth, not only in the movie The Matrix, but also go back and listen to ‘Secret Agent Man” and the chorus “They’ve given you a number and taken away your name”! They always want the number, don’t they?

Today’s system has provided plenty of examples in regards to the Person and where it begins for us, so let’s first look at the popular word Matrix.

Matrix: Original document from which all others are derived, also: A mold, or cast.

Both Ma & Trix are feminine, and we obviously realize the source of life. What of this “Original Document” being referenced here?
In a conversation regarding Revised Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) Professor Linda Rusch was discussing the perfection of security interests and the use of the correct legal name of an organization (Blanket term) and it’s registration which the state is required to maintain some interesting information is brought to light. In discussing these legal documents which prove an organization exists Professor Bruce Markell interjected and referenced the Birth Certificate.

This idea didn’t start in 1953 with the Uniform Commercial Code, it was discussed by Colonol Edward Mandell House with President Woodrow Wilson.
“[Very] soon, every American will be required to register their biological property in a national system designed to keep track of the people and that will operate under the ancient system of pledging”.

This is an appropriate point to introduce another Term relating to The Person.
PERSONAGE: Arbitrarily creating an Estate trust named after you and claiming to own this thing they created, they have falsely claimed to own you and your assets and to literally buy and sell “you” on stock exchanges, ship “you” out of ports, and tax “you”.
Does this sound familiar? It should because this is named aptly after the BAR as the crime of Barratry.

In long conversations i’ve discovered interesting details such as the “Event” being recorded isn’t the physical birth, but the creation of an organization. Keep in mind, having paper on a human would be slavery! What Vital Stats wrote here is very telling!
re: Birth Certificate as I.D.
Q. “If you don’t have a need to drive though, what are you supposed to use as proof of identification”?
A. “Unfortunately a birth certificate is only considered a valid form of proof of citizenship and not identity, as this document is issued without a photo”.
So the Birth Certificate and the citizen are one in the same, and neither pertain to you. Whenever i see the Term Legal Person the Term citizen also comes to mind, because of this union of their creation by a state entity. Out of the first right (8) Presidents of the United States seven (7) of them were not citizens, but rather British Subjects. This Term Subject was a Term the founders struggled with, so the use of citizen was selected as being more palatable, even though Subject and Citizen are synonymous. Chew on that for a while, sorry.

This registration would then stand essentially as the Legal Title to the state created Juridic Person. As a side note, your Mom & Dad didn’t Register you, they only unknowingly offered “Information” and the registration performed to create a Legal Person was done by the Registrar, notice the seal on the Certificate of Live Birth?
Now we are finding another type of Person, so let’s look at this Legal Term in contrast with our Sentient being.

A human being, naturally born, versus a legally generated juridical person.
Thelawdictionary. org

A living human being. Legal systems can attach rights and duties to natural persons without their express consent.
Cornell Law School

Natural person.
A human being, naturally born, versus a legally generated juridical person. Black’s Law Dictionary, 2nd Edition

We find the difference between the Natural & Juridic Person here very obvious, the Juridic Person is artificially generated, thus an legal artifice existing only on paper. Just like any other artifice such as an organization or agency that piece of paper can do nothing itself and therefore requires an Agent or Spokesman. Do we see the role we’ve been deceived into playing? This is even depicted in state statutes, here’s an example from South Carolina in Title 56 Section 22.
Pay close attention.
(22) “Person” means every natural person, firm, partnership, trust, company, firm, association, or corporation. Where the term “person” is used in connection with the registration of a motor vehicle, it includes any corporation, association, partnership, trust, company, firm, or other aggregation of individuals which owns or controls the motor vehicle as actual owner, or for the purpose of sale or for renting, as agent, salesperson, or otherwise.

See it? For purposes of registration the Nature Person is not included.
This isn’t only specific to South Carolina, but also found at other states due to following rules of the AAMVA, the parent association.

Often i’ve heard that we are seen as dead, or the reference from Black’s 1st edition referring to the citizen as a civilly dead entity. Civil death is very different from what many think of when referring to death. Civil Death is a loss of rights, not the loss of a heartbeat. On the same note, something can not be Dead that never had the capacity (ability) of Life. This Legal Person, or entity, is merely a legal construct or artifice, no more than a piece of paper in a file cabinet, or that Identification in the purse or wallet. This is normally the go to when people attempt to provide evidence of who they are. This is the same as “The NAME” being summoned at court. This is the breathing of life into that entity, a form of Personage or Necromancy, giving life to a man made fiction. More accurately it’s acting as the Agent or Spokesman for “The NAME” which we’ve found previously is seen as an organization.
This reminds me of a case administrated by Judge Alane C. Laboda in the 20th Circuit Court of Florida where i heard her stop a witness short in their testimony and state that neither herself or the court cared about the Individual, she only cared about the Person. The testimony was about someone’s daily life, but Judge Laboda only wanted to hear about the finances.
KW has talked about his Kentucky Court experience where the Judge found that KW was administrating an organization!
This always reminds me of Act 1 Scene 3 of Hamlet,
“God has given you one face and you make yourselves another”. Why wouldn’t it anger God for us to act in a man-made persona?

When realizing that the world is indeed a stage we would be remiss if the Etymology of Person wasn’t researched. Etymology online is an excellent site that reaches back in the history of language, and we find in this case that the old saying “All roads lead to Rome” even rings true in researching The Person!
c. 1200, persoun, “an individual, a human being,” from Old French persone “human being, anyone, person” (12c., Modern French personne) and directly from Latin persona “human being, person, personage; a part in a drama, assumed character,” originally “a mask, a false face,” such as those of wood or clay, covering the whole head, worn by the actors in later Roman theater.

Without escaping the obvious the Bondservant needs to be examined and in choosing to go way back in history here’s a definition from Strong’s Concordance.

δοῦλος, ου, ὁ
Definition: a slave
Usage: (a) (as adj.) enslaved, (b) (as noun) a (male) slave.
Strong’s #1401 doúlos (a masculine noun of uncertain derivation) – properly, someone who belongs to another; a bond-slave, without any ownership rights of their own.

Most of us were never taught that the early Euro-Americans were Bondservants, or more accurately Indentured Servants who possessed land under Grant from the King that improvements would be made, crops grown, and taxed for Britain. After a period of normally seven (7) years they could buy back this Grant in return for the land and their freedom. It’s no wonder they attempted to separate from the old Holy Roman Empire, aka Great Britain.

In summary, the evidence of our Natural Person being very different from the Legal Person is very obvious, and yes solutions that work are available! This only requires some easy research. The power is in the most important Right we’ve been granted by The Creator, the Power of Choice. Do we choose to operate as a Sentient Man/Woman, or as an actor wearing the mask of a legal entity created by man? To avoid tacit acquiescence a notice can be sent to the Federal & State Secretary, or even a notice of Non Corporate Status. The other option is to be tacit (Silent) and be ruled under the Presumption of Law. The presumption that you represent the state created entity.
As for myself, the preference is to Administrate the Estate. Why be like the Angels who left their First Estate?

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