Journey of Your Lifetime, it’s Almost Magical!

Join me on a journey, maybe a journey of our mental creation, maybe a journey of a dream that we waken to. Turn on the imagination falling into a “What would I do scenerio”. Imagine being give a gift of a lifetime, something that very few have ever been granted the ability to possess. A gift that even fewer would know how to enjoy, the gift of your own Nirvana. This won’t be a Nirvana of Lore or Fairy Tales, this Nirvana will manifest as reality for a few good men to participate in. Forget the wrath of this world, forget the unforgiving spirit of Mother Nature because united in this realm we will overcome these obstacles, in fact we will use these as devices to ensure our strength and unity, a unity that will quickly become the envy and desire of all mankind. Yes, this realm will be a shining city on a hill, and not just any hill, in this journey our shining city will light the world. In fact, our light could even could be savior worldwide, yes indeed a pinnacle and desire of all humanity. Yes, this will be good. A Nirvana like none have ever seen, in fact more than good! This gift we receive on this journey will be granted to us by Divinity itself, so it must be good, right?
Oh this journey is amazing! We’ve been given such a beautiful gift! Now we need to take care of this precious gift. We need to protect it, we need to make sure it’s appreciated by all those inhabiting this shining city, so we need to draw a plan. This plan needs to trusted by everyone because we’ve seen other gifts such as this fall waste into ruin by those who have desired and envied such cities in ancient lore. So let us begin, this will be a city or shall we say Empire built on an unshakable foundation!
To ensure the sanctity of this Empire it will require a strength like none other, so it’s foundation of strength must be a central intellectual aim! Yes, that’s the answer, it’s central strength will come from it’s core, it’s subjects, or shall we soften their title and refer to them as citizens? Citizens it shall be, and strong citizens. A strength derived from their pride, for who wouldn’t be proud to live in our city, our shining city, an empire of the world! This pride will serve the Empire well, it will serve US Amazingly well! These subjects, i’m sorry, these citizens will be ingrained with such a pride that they will desire to serve US! Also, they will even teach each other that service is a duty and congratulate each other on their service to our Empire, our shining city on The Hill! This will indeed be a bastion of peace which is of course achieved only through compliance to us because this is our gift, a gift of Divine Right.
The Day’s of Our Lives may not always satisfy the citizens due to a Time of famine or enclamit conditions however through their pride the citizen will easily accept the responsibility for what will obviously be results of their gluttony alone and misuse of what we have so graciously afforded them in our Empire. Yes, this will be a great Empire, and again my friend as we know on this journey a gift was granted us by Divinity a concept of this should be shared with our citizens. This idea, or concept if you wish, would only strengthen that great pride and servitude of our citizens. They must have a Divinity in their lives, of course it can not be the same Divinity who has gifted us, for this would be a sharing of power, and we couldn’t have that could we? A sharing of Jurisdiction, preposterous i say! Instead let’s make this Divinity for them merely resemble ours even though our Divinity only mirrors another. Let’s provide them with an idol, or icon if you will. Wow, this gift is really starting to formulate itself, so exciting! This idol, first let’s give it many stars pointed sharp like thorns symbolizing the conquered territories of our Empire, beautiful idea! Secondly let’s flank it with Grace, forgiveness, and Stripes of Healing. Oh yes, by it’s Stripes they are healed and can find peace and sanctification.

Yes let’s provide a journey of their own, a journey only found in a dream. Let’s call it “The American Dream”. Something they will need to be asleep for, much like Adam who was never awakened. Dreams belong to US!

Hmm… sanctification, this is derived from sacrifice, yes i see now! They will feel like a real member through sacrifice! The will feel like part of us, We…the People who have been gifted this on our journey if they feel like an owner, if they sacrifice for it. This will be easy, they can sacrifice their children for the strength of our Empire, they can sacrifice their time through labor and the gifting of the fruits of this labor back to our Empire! Oh, this is too simple my friend, we’ve been blessed with such a gift! My only concern is repayment, was this gifted to us freely? Ah, that’s a concern for another day, we are on our own journey, it’s almost magical! Of course we know from time to time there will be times of unrest and instability, this is only natural in law with mankind, so they will need leaders and this would be best served if those leaders were from among those subjects because of course our presence will be obscure. In fact we can even let them consider those leaders to be their Servants, but yes we are assured in who they really serve, our shining city on The Hill, our Empire!
This journey is so wild with possibilities how do we hold this to ourselves? Should we not expand this shining city for all? How about spreading this Unified Narrative for everyone? This Unified Narrative should be an example, an example of this shining city on The Hill for all! We could even educate others to go forth as rulers of there empires and share this message of Freedom. Why keep it for ourselves? In the end it must be known, we created this freedom on our journey, this journey and gift has become a reality, our reality! My friend we have created what only The Fire in the Minds of Men would create for our own Nirvana, and none other. Yes, for us this is good, a very good perfect gift, subjects of our own!

Look around you my friends, do you see this perfect gift, the world today, the Empire?
~ Bryan-Glenn Parker


MSO/MCO, it’s not really Your Property!

Many people think that because they purchased something that they “Own” it, unfortunately two things occurred, first the “Money” which was used belongs to another party which is why taxes are paid to the owner of the money every spring, but that’s another evil story. Secondly the property was registered to another party private which has it’s own rules and regulations. These are two basic reasons why people lose the “Right to Travel” argument, among others, like the Right to Travel and the Mode of Travel are not the same issue, sorry. However the mode of use (Auto, Motorcycle, etc.) Is created with a manufacturer’s title often referred to as the Manufacturer’s System or Certificate of Origin, MSO/MCO. This is the Equitable Title which is fiduciary in nature and profits the holder (State) through registration fees, inspection stickers, tickets and more. The consumer on the other hand receives a Certificate of Title which is the Legal Title for the purpose of conducting the previously stated actions like registration, tags, insurance, and the sale/purchase of the property. A Certificate of Title is only evidence that a Equitable Title exists and only provides Intangible Right, the Right of Use (Usufruct). Have you ever heard the legal term “Split Title”? This is a form of such. The following playlist will provide a method of holding both Equitable & Legal Title. This can also be performed in doing a Title Search which should include the Equitable Title. Along with additional background on registration and plates. This information is not to be used for holding court on the roadside or educating a officer of the law. Like everything in life Due Diligence is a requirement, and study.


You Pledged What?

In looking back at my days in school there was something that was somewhat confusing, kids get this feeling and too often don’t realize why. We would start the school day with a Pledge of Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America then we would turn to our right and repeat a Pledge to the Christian Flag. The confusion was in wondering where our loyalty really lays. To the flag of the United States of America or Christianity? This wasn’t performed in front of a Judicial Officer so it was of no consequence, as we will soon see it was created as mere mental indoctrination, so let’s get into the real meat of this issue and first look at the Pledge to the U.S. flag. This is seen also with people wanting to hold “Public Servants” to their Oath or Pledge, but guess what, it’s only the first Oath that stands and any Oaths after that are mute and have no Standing. If i take an Oath to protect Jane and then take an Oath to Bob who wants to hurt Jane then which Oath of Allegiance stands as contract?

Title 4 USC 4.
“I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

Here’s a brief history on the original Pledge of Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America.
The original Bellamy salute, first described in 1892 by Francis Bellamy, who authored the original Pledge as a committee chairman for the National Education Association and a member of the Christian Socialists:
At a signal from the Principal the pupils, in ordered ranks, hands to the side, face the Flag. Another signal is given; every pupil gives the flag the military salute — right hand lifted, palm downward, to a line with the forehead and close to it. Standing thus, all repeat together, slowly, “I pledge allegiance to my Flag and the Republic for which it stands; one Nation indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all.” At the words, “to my Flag,” the right hand is extended gracefully, palm upward, toward the Flag, and remains in this gesture till the end of the affirmation; whereupon all hands immediately drop to the side.
The Youth’s Companion, 1892

So you’ve made a Pledge, when we realize that everything in this worlds realm is commercial and the product of our labor is seen as a commodity of the ruling realm then we need to realize what the definition of a pledge is commercial and what is considered as an Asset or a Security. People generally will think of assets physically or as tangible, but they are also intangible. Your Rights are intangible property and those are forfeited and waived daily, most often unknowingly due to not “Reading the fine print” or even “Between the lines”.
Cash deposit or placing of owned property by a debtor (the pledger) to a creditor (the pledgee) as a security for a loan or obligation. The pledgee has an implied right to confiscate and/or sell the pledged property to satisfy his or her claim in case of a default.

So now let’s “Read between the lines” in the Pledge of Allegiance.

“I Pledge Allegiance to the flag”, so you’re giving allegiance to an intimate object? Can you say Idolatry? Moving forward, this object symbolizes another artificial object. This then is “One Nation under God”. Ok, this takes some extra research. What “God” did the Founders observe? Knowing that they were mostly Freemasons it can be guaranteed that this “God” wasn’t the same as my Creator, nor your’s! Now let’s examine “Liberty and Justice for all”. Liberty comes with restrictions (See photos of the feet of the Statue of Liberty) and it’s far from true Freedom, a Sovereign status we should be united with our Creator in! Lastly let’s look at “Justice”. If you’ve Pledged your Allegiance to an artificial entity in exchange for a limited Liberty instead of being in your Creator’s kingdom what type of “Justice” do you expect, or let alone deserve?

It’s amazing how 31 words can be used so effectively to guide the hearts and minds of a Nation toward loyalty and servitude which was desperately required in 22 years, just one generation later, with the onset of WW1.

As a final thought it can only be surmised that a Pledge or Salute to one Nation which is behind the genocide of millions must be more holy than a Pledge to another Nation that’s guilty of the same crimes against humanity.

This goes much deeper however, have people been tricked into Idolatry?


Our Compact, Interim Natus Ab Initio.

“Our Compact”
Iterum Natus Ab Initio

To all whom this may come, greetings:
1. We the Men and Women of This Compact who shall hereafter be referred to as: ‘We, Us, Our, My, and Ourselves’, come now being of Full Age of Majority dwelling on our original jurisdiction and Nationality and possessing first-hand knowledge of the contents herein with Our allegiance being unified in like mind one to another under Our Creator(s) realm in Our Sentience, Established Trust and governance of Election, being void for cause of any and all constructs, surety claim, or controversy of any principality, or temporal power whether by Canon, Proclamation, or Writ, due to Cast, Corporate, Divine Right, Trust or Religion, et al. which is not evidenced by My full written consent. We have chosen this station for Ourselves and Our lineage bonded together with only those of like mind and moral intent standing only in Our sacred honor one to another.
2. We stand united in separation and peaceful settlement from any such system or associations being disadvantageous for Us to participate or interact with for cause due to those system’s transgressions to the rights of humanity, the Natural Law, and it’s lack of moral character, piety, and the oppression and exploitation of knowledge, genes, and DNA infused by the Supreme Creator. We are void of any presumption of joinder which is not evidenced by My full written consent with any such system due to any interaction, forced association, or intercourse with any Officer, Agency, Affiliate, or use of its Commercial Script which We perform under strict necessity and without the ability to exhaust legal recourse and/or remedy in equity. For cause any such assumption or presumption of joinder shall be repugnant to Our Self-Determination and Intent of Exile, and therefore consent is dissolved, refused, quashed, rescinded, and disregarded as frivolous, without merit, and void of any and all consequence for those of This Compact. Any matter adversely affecting another shall be in the spirit of peace to find office of the facts.
3. This We perform by Our own hand through the Divine Spirit of Our Supreme Creator without reservation or detriment to any other of this realm or the dimensions beyond. Furthermore, the scribed Given Name(s) of those listed below are the sole property of those listed. Should one find fault in Our station, stray from thinking ill of it, suffering it to be so absent from rebuttal.
With silence as Our Bond further We saith naught.
witness/notary: By, /s/_____________________________ This Day___________
Nativity Place & Day ___________________________________

PAGE 2, Instructions and info

The documents can be either Notarized or evidenced by three (3) Winesses without changing the unity of the participants of this document. This document is not claimed to be any type of Remedy, it is only as powerful as the user capable. Mankind had not declared it’s separation from the higher Powers, either of the earthly realm, or the abyss and this is the intended purpose.
The /s/ on the line for signature or autograph only signifies that this name is joined with the others for this document only as strength in numbers! Keep in mind, any change to the document will negate that unity and strength.
Let your imagination consider what this document can be used for, whether as a Notice, Declaration, Exhibit to a contract, or a Claim of Right!
Choose this day Whom you will serve.

© 2019

Our Group Podcast about this document:


The Hooks in the Current-Sea

In looking at today’s current reserve currency, which is the only “Money” most of us have ever known i think it may be a wise idea to examine world financial systems, keeping in mind the true durability of today’s medium of trade on the international scale compared to those of our forefathers and nation’s of yesteryear.
Keeping the idea of International Reserve Currencies these major currencies began circulating around 5 BC with the Drachma of the Greeks who were one of the dominant people’s in what we know of today as the “Middle east” prior to the emmigration of today’s inhabitants. This was replaced by the Gold Aureus and Silver Denarius of Rome through the 4th. century AD which suffered from devaluation, think inflation and deflation a predictor of today’s financial systems. This provided way for the Gold Solidus of the Byzantine Empire to dominate trade through the 6th. century. Next to take it’s place was the Arabian Dinar through the 7th. & 10th. centuries. Does that coinage sound familiar? Later in the 13th. century Florence appeared on the stage introducing the Florino which held dominance until the 15th. century bringing us to the modern age of Reserve Currencies to be summarized below.
Portugal: 1450 – 1530, 80 yrs.
Spain: 1530 – 1641, 111 yrs.
Netherlands: 1642 – 1720, 78 yrs.
France: 1720 – 1815, 95 yrs.
Britain: 1815 – 1920, 105 yrs.
United States: 1920 – Present


When looking at ancient coins we should observe a common denominator, these gold coins have the image of a Caesar, King, or Queen emblazoned on them, and this is because gold coins were minted very rarely to commemorate a leader or an event such as a period of reign. Those wanting to “Go back to a gold standard” need to keep this in mind and realize that using a “Standard” isn’t using the actual asset, but using a symbol of the asset. Through history this has only been a tactic to re venue the true asset. Doesn’t the term Revenue sound familiar? We should keep in mind a quote:

“Gold is the money of Kings, Silver is the money of Gentlemen, Barter is the money of Peasants, but debt (Paper) is the money of Slaves”!

~ Norm Franz

While we know many other specie of trade have existed this shows the life of a global currency at approximately 95 years showing the U.S. Dollar knocking on the door of 100 years and inline to step aside for the next God of the commercial realm. Whether it’s the Dinar, Franc, Pound, or Dollar, there is nothing new under the Sun/Son!

U.S. Inc.

Someone has asked me for evidence of the UNITED STATES being a Corporation, all countries are so this really shouldn’t be anything new because at the end of the day it’s all really “Just Business”! Also, many people in researching with find the United States Corporation Company but this is not US Inc. it’s merely the Agent for Service of Process and is located in the city of every state capital. LINK:

According to Congressman Allen West:

Keep in mind that the Supreme Court of the United States stated that the U.S. has “Lowered” itself to the status of a “Mere Corporation” in the Clearfield Doctrine by the use of private script. In doing so it’s interesting to see how this private script is being used, the majority of which is in bonds and it’s much more than the Bail Bond known most commonly by people, there is also a Payment Bond, Replevin Bond, Performance Bond and probably more that provide surety. Here’s a link for those who want to take the plunge into the sea of commerce:

DUNS (D&B) Numbers of the US Corporate Government and Many of Its Major Agencies:

United States Government-052714196
US Department of Defense (DOD)-030421397
US Department of the Treasury-026661067
US Department of Justice (DOJ)-011669674
US Department of State-026276622
US Department of Health & Human Services (HHS)-Office of the Secretary-112463521
US Department of Education-944419592
US Department of Energy-932010320
US Department of Homeland Security-932394187
US Department of the Interior-020949010
US Department of Labor-029536183
US Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD)-Office of the Secretary-030945779
US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)-931691211
US Transportation Security Administration (TSA)-050297655
US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)-056622429
Bureau of Customs & Border Protection (CBP)-796730922
Federal Bureau of Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE)-130221646
US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-057944910
National Aeronautics & Space Administration (NASA)-003259074
National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)-079933920
US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)-364281923
Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)-037751583
Federal Communications Commission (FCC)-020309969
US Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC)-003475175
US Public Health Service (USPHS)-039294216
National Institutes of Health (NIH)-061232000
US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC)-927645465
US Food & Drug Administration (FDA)-138182175
US Internal Revenue Service (IRS)-040539587
Federal Reserve Board of Governors (Fed)-001959410
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)-878865674
National Security Agency (NSA)-617395215
US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)-167247027
Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Firearms & Tobacco (BAFT)-132282310
Federal Bureau of Land Management (BLM)-926038563
Federal Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA)-926038407
DUNS Numbers of Each US Corporate State and Its Largest City
State of Alabama-004027553
State of Alaska-078198983
State of Arizona-068300170
State of Arkansas-619312569
City of Birmingham-074239450
City of Fairbanks-079261830
City of Phoenix-030002236
City of Little Rock-065303794
State of California-071549000
State of Colorado-076438621
State of Connecticut-016167285
State of Delaware-037802962
District of Columbia-949056860
State of Florida-004078374
State of Georgia-069230183
State of Hawaii-077676997
State of Idaho-071875734
State of Illinois-065232498
State of Indiana-071789435
State of Iowa-828089701
State of Kansas-827975009
State of Kentucky-828008883
State of Louisiana-0612389911
State of Maine-061207536
State of Maryland-847612442
State of Massachussetts-138090548
State of Michigan-054698428
State of Minnesota-050375465
State of Mississippi-008210692
State of Missouri-616963596
State of Montana-945782027
State of Nebraska-041472307
State of Nevada-123259447
State of New Hampshire-066760232
State of New Jersey-067373258
State of New Mexico-007111818
State of New York-041002973
State of North Carolina-830979667
State of North Dakota-098564300
State of Ohio-034309166
State of Oklahoma-050411726
State of Oregon-932534998
State of Pennsylvania-933882784
State of Rhode Island-008421763
State of South Carolina-067006072
State of Tennessee-04143882
State of Texas-002537595
State of Utah-009094301
State of Vermont-066760240
State of Virginia-047850373
State of Washington-079248936
State of West Virginia-828092515
State of Wisconsin-001778349
State of Wyoming-832826015
City of Los Angeles-159166271
City of Denver-066985480
City of Bridgeport-156280596
City of Wilmington-067393900
City of Washington-073010550
City of Miami-965299576
City of Atlanta-065372500
City of Honolulu-828979612
City of Boise-070017017
City of Chicago-556057206
City of Indianapolis-964647155
City of Davenport-963855494
City of Wichita-069862755
City of Louisville-943445093
City of New Orleans-033692404
City of Portland, Maine-071747802
City of Baltimore-052340973
City of Boston-007277284
City of Detroit-021733631
City of Minneapolis-009901959
City of Jackson-020864955
City of Kansas (City)-832496868
City of Billings-068925759
City of Omaha-926604690
City of Las Vegas-019342317
City of Manchester-045009073
City of Newark-019092531
City of Albuquerque-129962346
City of New York-021741036
City of Charlotte-809275006
City of Bismarck-080245640
City of Columbus-010611869
City of Oklahoma (City)-073131542
City of Portland (Oregon)-054971197
City of Philadelphia-929068737
City of Providence-069853752
City of Columbia-878281562
City of Memphis-051386258
City of Houston-967421590
City of Salt Lake City-017096780
City of Burlington-037442977
City of Virginia Beach-074736299
City of Seattle-009483561
City of Charleston (West Virginia)-197931681
City of Milwaukee-004779133
City of Cheyenne-021917273
DUNS Numbers of the United Nations Corporation and Some of Its Major Corporate Agencies
United Nations (UN)-824777304
UN Development Program (UNDP)-793511262
UN Educational, Scientific, & Cultural Organization (UNESCO)-053317819
UN World Food Program (UNWFP)-054023952
UN International Children’s Education Fund (UNICEF)-017698452
UN World Health Organization (WHO)-618736326

Here is the Corporation’s Agent for Service of Process:

Maybe people need the Delaware Registration also:

A Consecration, by Consent.

What do we see playing out today, and is there good reason to choose the society wisely that we claim a position within? “Bloodguilt attaches to the slayer and his family (II Sam. 3:28ff.) for generations (II Kings 9:26), and even to his city (Jer. 26:5), nation (Deut. 21:8), and land (Deut. 24:4)”.

Bloodguilt is a base doctrine found in Judaism and Christianity, religions that many believe this nation was founded upon and revere without personal examination, i guess this could be viewed as “Blind faith” without ever questioning the Biblical meaning of “Sins of the father”. How many death’s do people turn a blind eye to whether by “Medical” procedures here at home or in the name of spreading democracy worldwide? This is also done globally in the name of Peace, which is merely viewed as the submission of a people. Do statements such as “That’s just the way it is” provide absolution from liability or the blindly followed Law, maybe a claimed position of Patriotism is an acceptance of a nation’s sins decorated with the symbols of Honor, Duty, and Loyalty. Those as the helm of these activities do not feel this guilt, they feel the guilt is passed on to those who perform the actions which they have mandated! Ya, screwed up, but not totally untrue. Both are culpable in the end, and the Nuremberg Defense is not valid either here on Earth or above!
This is nothing new and was even addressed in Joshua 24:15 “And if it seem evil unto you to serve the Lord, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord”. The real question is whether we have really chosen or has a God been chosen for you under the favorite action of assumption?
With all of the word-play and double speak used how do we know that everything presented is exactly what is meant? Looking at the Shock and Awe Campaign March of 2003 in Iraq which resulted in the sacrifice of thousands maybe this truly was a pagan sacrifice to the goddess Shek-in-ah. The phrase and the name may look very different, however the pronounciation is the same, something to consider. While people may think this is not possible because we are “One Nation Under God” i would contest that this God has never been identified, look around D.C. and try to find this nation’s “God”. What can be found though on the nation’s Great Seal is E pluribus unum, Latin for “Out of many one”. Are we sure that being identified as part of the “Many”? This is another one of the many presumptions made due to our tacit acquiescence/silence. Isn’t it past time that silence is no longer an option? The whole “Go along to get along” approach hasn’t seemed to work out so well this far, at least to me it doesn’t appear like it has.
In March of 1933 Roosevelt gave his first inaugural address in which he proclaimed a day of “National Consecration”, this isn’t a legal term this is a religious word, and i would ask, which deity was he consecrating this “Out of many one” to, and did this office of the Presidency provide for this religious action?
The nature and condition of a people needs to realized because it’s seldom taught but can be found in the statutes The Law of Nations which was used as a foundation in the U.S. Constitution under Article 1. Section 8. Clause 10. and has been used for centuries as a guide to nation building along with the relationships of nations. In Book 1 Statute 212 Chapter XlX of The Law of Nations you’ll find the relationship of mankind to the nation:
“The citizens are the members of the civil society: bound to this society by certain duties, and subject to its authority, they equally participate in its advantages”.
Also remember to read law backwards, because when it’s written “They equally participate in its advantages” we must also remember that its disadvantages are equally shared. An opt-out for this though can be found in U.S. Code Title 8, upon reaching the age of 18, something to consider.
To sum this up it’s well recognized, at least by myself, that the current society is not a creature of honor and not a society that should be represented with pride. Would our Creator take pride in what’s easily observed? So why would we? Our relationship to this society has been dictated in many places with one exception, our own personal words and actions! Probably the most important fact that isn’t realized is that participation equals your consent, as does silence!
A closing thought, choose your Master or one will be chosen for you & chose your Society, or it will be presumed! 🕊

Additional resource:
Encyclopedia Judaica